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medical aid for pregnant

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by cmfugen, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. hi

    my wife is pregnant of 4 months and i am planning to move i june first week, i came to know that till the time we get our health card hospitals dont help for medical conditions in such case how i get help for my pregnant wife if any need arises.

    the second is that what are the benefits and facilities canadian govt. extending to pregnants.

    the third is that on landing papers certain things are that like the address of the person who is going to asssist are to filled prior to landing or tobe filled in presence of port officer.

    please clear my doubts

    thank you.
  2. Hi

    1. It depends on the province, but most have a 3 months waiting period for their medical plan.
    2. Canadian gov't does not extend any special benefits to pregnant women. The pregnancy and delivery would be covered under the provincal medical plan once the 3 month waiting period is over, in the 1st 3 months you would be responsible for all costs.
    3. They are completed at the Port of Entry.

  3. wifes pregnancy


    it is that i am moving to brampton of ontario and the exact time of pregnancy is of 4 months. i would like to know the waiting period for ontario province and the costs covered by them through health care system. if i buy a insurance is it possible that the costs of delivery will be covered or not. if not that the delivery takes place in india then can we both move alone by leaving the baby here just by informing the high commission and we will start the procedure of immigration for baby. the delivery may happen in the month of september and visa expiration is in the month of february,2007. so this much time of five months are suffice for baby's immigration process. please reply
  4. Re: wifes pregnancy


    1. 3 months waiting period in Ontario for OHIP, all costs hospital, Dr. etc would be covered for the pregnancy after the 3 month waiting period.
    2. Health insurance purchased for the 3 month waiting period would not cover the pregnancy, as it is "an exsisting condition"
    3. If you have the baby in India before "landing" your visas are no longer valid. Please read the information that states you must inform CIC of any changes in family compostion or status. If you "land" without the baby being "examined" by CIC, it would not be a member of the family class and can NEVER be sponsored.
    4. Yes 5 months should be sufficient time to add the baby to the application.
    5. One other possibility is that you and your wife "land" in Canada and then return to India for the birth of the baby. Once the baby is born you can return to Canada and sponsor the baby.

  5. hi,

    i just read ur post, may be u r already in canada and i am too late. I was in similar situation and came here 33 weeks pregnant. if u still need info u can contact me at 9056710996 or nitu26@yahoo.com



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