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Maximum stay, when to re enter Canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by larryUK, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hi I am from the UK staying in Canada with my (Canadian) fiancee, my visitor record expires at the end of April bring my total stay in Canada to 6 months which is generally the max time you hear banded about?

    Is it worth my while applying for a further extension to my VR or assuming I return home is there any time restriction imposed on when I can return? It must go in your favour if you are seen to leave and return this proves I am respecting the rules and don't intend to overstay illegally?

    We plan to marry next year and then apply for PR, really I'm thinking we should marry now then I can return home and apply for PR then but I'm not sure we will so am hoping if when I do return home I'm not going to have to wait too long before I can come back?
  2. There is no time restriction on how long you must remain out of Canada after a prior visit, but you must prove you are still a visitor if seeking to re-enter Canada in the future at any given time or provide sufficient reasons why you should be given an extension on your present stay to remain in Canada beyond the time given in the VR.

    The entire immigration process in Canada is in a real state of flux. In light of this it is not possible for anyone here to give any guarantee of timelines for processing. It really is only possible to look at averages provided from past experience which really can't give you a sure answer for the future.
  3. Why not apply to extend your visit? This can be done online, costs $75 and while they are making their decision you can remain on "implied status".
  4. I was thinking of applying to extend it but would be the 2nd time I have done this as I initially had a 3 month VR, not sure if they are so keen on an extension to an extension?. This would also mean changing my return flight again which is expensive....I can afford it, my stay here is costing me basically very little but I know I am going to have to return home for a while at some point as I have lots of things to sort out there, so I feel it's like delaying the inevitable. I suppose my main concern is not having a hard time getting back in later in the year given I've all ready spent so much time here.
  5. Having a track record of obeying the rules actually makes it easier to re-enter, not more difficult. While there are never guarantees, I wouldn't expect you to have any particular difficulty the next time that you come to Canada.
  6. I did apply for a further extension which was granted though after 7 months I have now retured to the UK a few days ago, it's literally breaking both our hearts being apart, I could of stayed longer but was offered work for a few months back in the UK so we decided I should come back.

    We do intend to marry in October so I will be returning before then so am wondering how it's best to play things next as would like to stay for 6 months or longer again, would this be a problem do you think? Would I do better to just turn up and say I'm staying 6 months(with return ticket booked), getting married etc or should I apply for a 6 month VR before I leave the UK stating we are getting married (it's all ready in my previous VR applications we are engaged etc) and would like to stay and spend time together, I can't see why they would turn it down unless they think I intend not to return (I have always respected the rules in the past and maintained legal status). I would feel more comfortable flying in knowing I have all ready been granted 6 months, assuming they issue VR's when you're outside of Canada?

    The other thing that has crossed my mind is to just turn up at the port of entry with a return ticket booked for 4 weeks later and just get a stamp in my passport (giving me 6 months from that date anyway??) and not be sent off to immigration. Then change my return flight to a later date, I do intend to return anyway and apply from PR back in the UK. I know this way is dishonest though always seems strange if you turn up on a shorter stay and just get a stamp in your passport you can legally stay 6 months anyway no questions asked, yet be honest and say you're staying 3/6months you're likely to be sent to immigration for more of a grilling.
  7. Hi Larry,

    I have a similar query about UK-residents visiting Canada for more than 6 months. I want to live there for up to 12 months from September 2012, but so far have no guarantee that I can stay for more than 6 months (making return flight & UK-property planning difficult). I've seen that you can ask for more than 6 months when arriving at passport control, or you can apply for an extension a month before you have to leave.
    I've not read anything about visitor records though? All I've read is that British Citizens are visa-exempt, and just get a stamp on arrival, which infers 6 months permitted stay. I've only seen one post about how long you have to stay outside Canada before returning (it mentioned you can only visit for 6 months per year), but NBaker seemed to contradict that.

    I'm still desperately trying to find out myself if I can apply in advance somehow to stay for more than 6 months, as it'll make my planning much easier. Perhaps we can share any knowledge/experience?
  8. Hi everyone in this topic forum!

    I have a question about the information given on the CIC website concerning visitor stay and extension.

    On the website it says "You 'should' apply 30 days before expiry for an extension." It then says "After your permit expires and while waiting for processing, you are on an implied status."

    Say we applied 2 weeks before expiry, and processing says it will take 14 days. Since it was advised to apply 30 days before, would we technically be overstaying our permit if we stay after the expiry waiting for the extension acceptance?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  9. I'm a Brit but was given a visitor record on my last visit, it was my 3rd visit in 13 months so this may have flagged me up with immigration and got given a VR, that's what I was thinking especially as I was staying a longer time. But I applied for extensions and could of stayed 9 months if I had wanted too, I don't think I'd have jad much trouble extending to 12 months (maybe beyond) , you just have to show to immigration you can continue to support yourself and intend to return home. I was told by someone who works at immigration sometime after I created this topic there is no time limit on when you can return back to Canada but you always need to satisfy immigration that you can support yourself and intend to return home.....I guess/hope it goes in my favour that I can show I've been over several times and always returned.
  10. You can apply online right up to and including the day of when your date to stay runs out, you maintain a legal status (implied) until you hear back if an extension is granted or not. There is a tool on the CIC website that says this, try messing around with dates and you will see. Even if you apply after your date has run out I don't think it means you will be booted out, they just charge alot more to restore a legal status.
  11. Thank you so much Larry! that really put my mind at ease! Yes definitely I'll will look into for extra confirmation! THANKS AGAIN!
  12. I am currently staying with my boyfriend in Canada and due to return to the UK in January however i am not looking forward to it and was discussing with him about staying longer i have looked into it and this has been a helpful thread, i have one more question... if i am applying for an extension on my stay do i have to re-book my return flight when i ask for the extension to show i still wish to return to the uk or do i wait to find out if i am granted the extension before re-booking it?... I know the extension costs around $75 but do i also need to have a certain amount of finances in my bank to do this if so how much would that be?...

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