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******March 2021 AOR********


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Sep 15, 2021
I rcvd an update back on july 15 regarding medicals. It was mentioned in the email that we will continue processing your file with the medicals which you provided earlier.. n my medicals were of june 2020...
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Jan 28, 2017
Ok so this is unbelievable. Finally a GU that meant something. Got my portal email today around 12pm Winnipeg time. Replied and got second email after 2 hours. Currently at work and dont have a photo that is not 6 months old to upload in the portal so will have to wait for the CoPR. These 6 months were a torture. I would have been happier if it had come a little earlier but anyways. All the best to everyone else. Will update once I get my CoPR. I hope Rammavvv and others get something soon. Posting my timeline once again below:

ITA 13 January 2021
AOR: 11th March 2021
Primary office RROC
Secondary Office: OSC - Operations Support Centre
Eligibility: Passed
Criminality: Passed
Medical: Passed
Info Sharing: Complete
Security: Not Started
(i dont exactly remember when these passed but you guys can find in my previous posts)

Ghost Updates
GU1: May 2021
GU2: June 2021
GU3: 7 July 2021
GU4: 10 August 2021
GU5: 13 August 2021
GU6: 2 September 2021
GU7: 14 September 2021 morning
Portal email: 14 September 2021 12pm from Calgary
Second email: 14 September 2021 2pm
OMG finally you recieved. Congrats
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