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MARCH 2020 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship


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Feb 1, 2015
Are they getting PPRs from NDVO?
No, but this is for obvious reasons that have nothing to do with what is claimed in that report. It's because of the travel ban and closed VACs in India.

They're not going to prioritize issuing PPRs when people can't travel, and even more so when the passports can't be delivered. This started at almost exaclthy the same time as the travel ban. Other countries proceeding as before.

I don't know the report and didn't see (but mistakes happen all the time in media, unfortunately). I am guessing that this was for a non-family sponsorship type. But only a guess. Otherwise clearly not true for family sponsorship (save the situation in India, which is well known).
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Jan 21, 2020
Hi All, I saw this in one of the news articles today and this was posted as response received from IRCC for an Outland dependent PR application “Regarding your application, as your dependents are overseas, the application will be placed on hold as we are only processing applications for Permanent Residency if all family members are in Canada. Unfortunately, we cannot be sure when travel restrictions will be lifted.” So it looks like IRCC is only processing inland applications and that is why we are not getting PPR yet.
That is applicable to all PR application streams except family class sponsorship.
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Aug 23, 2020
Anyone from ottawa visa office.. still waiting for ppr?? I’m waiting since 1st march of decision made..already 3 months. Anyone with me??
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Jan 26, 2020
Application sent 7 March
Received 11 March
Got file number October 8
Met eligibility as sponsor and medical request 13 October
App forwarded to cpc Ottawa 15 October Pre arrival services 14 November
Medical passed 27 November
Biometrics -18 January
Decision made on ecas since 25 January
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Aug 21, 2019
I also received today the invitation to pre-arrival services but ECAS is still in process.
Does it mean we are a step closer?
Congrats! Well, I've searched through the forum, and there are multiple opinions and situations. Many say that pre arrival means the applicant passed the eligiblity check. Good if so. Also, some people get DM and even PPR the same day with their pre arrival. Some get DM weeks later and PPR months later. So you never know for sure. Let's hope for the better and sooner)


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Jul 18, 2020
Any March 2020 applicants who received additional document requests after AOR2? What are your updates? Have you heard back yet after submitting the additional documents?
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