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***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***


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Oct 23, 2020
I got my medicals approved on 28th Mar, still waiting for any updates. don't want do be party pooper, I wish everyone a PR ASAP, but don't celebrate until the fat lady sings.
Yeah same here - I got my medical approved on March 18th with all other stages passed during the same time. It’s been a month. Waiting patiently and hoping for the best.


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Mar 16, 2021
Expiry, re-meds and extensions - If the medical results are about to expire then you may be asked for a re-medical examination, if required. If a re-med is not required then the medicals will be extended. This is how the process works - when the validity period of medical results expire or are about to expire an IRCC officer will send it for reassessment and the regional medical officer (RMO) at the IRCC Health Branch (HB) will make the determination. Based on this reassessment by the RMO the GCMS file is updated as extended or the applicant is informed to get the medical examination done again. At this time the process for reassessment is not automatic and has to be manually undertaken. Due to the manual nature of this process there can be delays in sending the file for reassessment; updating GCMS with the extension status or informing the applicant (tip - use the web-form and inquire about the status or request your GCMS file). As an applicant you can also get another medical examination done on your own accord, in which case submit the upfront sheet to IRCC via the web-form. Other things to keep in mind - if IRCC grants an extension then it will be for no more than 6 months; a re-med on other hand is valid for 1 year. Also, if you see a message on myCIC "you do not need medical exam" then it quite likely means that your medical results have been sent for reassessment.

Medicals are valid from the date as shown in the GCMS notes and that is the date when medicals were assessed by a Medical officer.
I got re-medical request


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Apr 24, 2018
In the portal, it says "Review of medical results - May 7, 2020:You passed the medical exam. "

My medical exam was done on March 3, 2020. So I would imagine the medicals already expired. Are they updating the portal if they are extended automatically?
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