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***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***


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Sep 1, 2019
Hey guys,
My AOR is 8th march (VO Montreal) and I don't think there has been a single change in my application! I raised 3 webforms so far and none of them give me answers regarding the status of my application when everytime I specifically asked about it!!
for instance, This is the response that i got recently!!

""We verified the information you provided and can confirm that the application is still in process.
All the required documents and information have been received by the responsible office for the moment.
Due to the ongoing situation related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), some IRCC offices are currently operating with reduced or critical staff only.
We are working on processing applications as quickly as possible; however, processing times are affected and any disruption caused by COVID-19 is not reflected accurately on our website. We will make all the necessary efforts to finalize the application as soon as possible.
Rest assured that you will be informed as soon as a decision is reached or if additional information is needed.""

and I already had a Biometric done in 2017 but again no change in my profile!
now i am seriously concerned.