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Manitoba PNP Processing Time

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Inder_bhangu, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. I have applied for MPNP under General Stream in April 2007 but did not recieved any information regarding my application status from concerning authorities. Even i have not recieved the acknowledge letter till date. Could anyone tell me how much time is required for the processing of application?
  2. if u didnot receive mail from manitoba gov. maybe ur file is not with them u should confirm this please.my friend get a mail after 10 days.he fill his papers in jan 2008.
  3. hi der! nothing to worry if you didn't receive acknowledgement receipt(file number). in my case we passed our papers under general stream march 2007 from then on i did'nt receive any letter coming from the immigration but after a year july 2008 we receive the approval letter. they say that if your under general stream the processing time is 1-2yrs...
  4. hi,

    The General Stream of Manitoba requires Arranged Employment?

    Please advise!

  5. You can see the requirements at http://www2.immigratemanitoba.com/browse/howtoimmigrate/pnp/pnp-general.html
    It doesn't say anything about having a job offer, but they have other criteria, including a points system. You can see the points system in the application kit at http://www2.immigratemanitoba.com/asset_library/en/application_kit/pnp-KIT0708.pdf
    Other criteria is having a close relative, or having 2 friends or distant relatives, or having worked in Manitoba before, or having completed some study program there.
  6. Dear All Professor on the forum,

    Many thanks.

    I was not awarded any points for the adaptability assessment factor because one of my signatories of the Manitoba Affidavit of Support is concurrently supporting multiple applications and as result, my application for nomination by the Province of Manitoba was not approved.

    Please Sir, What do you think I can do from this point?
  7. Hi everybody !

    Kindly update your timeline who applied in Aug,2011. Also mention your visa office, stream and NOC code etc.

  8. Hello everybody !

    My timeline is:-

    MPNP General Stream
    Visa Office - New Delhi (India)

    Applied - 04/08/11
    A.O.R. - 19/11/11

    Eagerly Waiting for L.O.A. .....

    Can anybody guess when shall I get L.O.A. ?

  9. If the sponsor already supported someone within the past 3 years, it will be hard for them to support another one, applications will usually be refused
  10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Hi dear,

    From where you got this information ? Can you please tell me where it has been written?

  11. Re: Urgent !

    MPNP ppls will not approve his application if he shows that he has a close cousin living in other province. You dont need to tell anyone in MPNP or CIC that he has a cousin in Canada. They Can't track unless the person, his cousin or his sponsor wont disclose.
  12. You can not say that just because he has a cousin, they will not approve. It is only if they feel that he has a stronger connection to other provinces than Manitoba. A cousin does not have to be close. I have cousins I have not seen or talked to in 30 years. Is he close to his cousin?

    However, if he doesn't disclose that he has a cousin, it is unlikely that they will find out.
  13. Letina....This is really important for me...My both sponsorers has already supported before perhaps one of them is already supporting one who has not yet been landed in manitoba...Please share me with your thoughts as I have received my AOR with temporary file number and also pls let me know if they are looking to refuse someone at what stage they would do so as my file is with them from last Oct 11.

    Please let me know...I am worried.
  14. mind if i join in? i'm also under MPNP

    there is no proof that sponsors who have sponsored before will be rejected in the future, but there are high tendencies or refusal if the sponsor has history of failed sponsorships

    as for your application, it will be further processed and evaluated by VO then they will issue you your premanent file number
  15. Hi guys
    First of all i want to say many thanks to all users. This is awesome forum for all applicant for Manitoba.

    I have put my MPNP file with support of distant relative in 16th April 2012. I got letter on 23rd July 2012 that i need submit IELTS. I gave IELTS and got 6.5 bands and submitted that in 26th Sep 2012. Now when can my sponsor expect interview. Also when can I get LOA letter?
    I want to update my data to below spreadsheet that are using in google.


    Thanks to all users.

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