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London Visa office. Family sponsorship spousal visa


Oct 15, 2018
Hi guys,
Following is my timeline.
Case Received: April 16, 2018
Sponsorship approval: May 21
Medical submitted and passed: June 18th
Case forwarded to London office: July 19th, 2018 as per the portal for further processing it's transferred there.

Have not heard back so far

I got married in January 2018 and my wife went back to Canada after one month as she didn't get a visa to stay longer in Pakistan.
She is coming to visit me again for a month next week. I have two questions to ask if someone can oleapl help me with them.
1) Is it good for me to upload her paksitani visa, ticket, sponsorship letter, and pics of our time together again to show authenticity of relationship? We already gave too many proofs of our relationship since 2015.
2) How much time further should be expected to get the process completed? As it's getting so frustrating for me & my wife for not getting any information about our case.