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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Oceana' started by sanagajala, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. HI, I am a student in Canada I have done with my first semester and need to go for next sem but now I felt don’t want to for any more studies. I have a Employer who supports for LMIA Closed work permit but I am not sure how long will it take and how long Do I need to wait for to apply for PR. And do I have to quit the school if I apply for LMIA as soon as I apply or after approval. Please advise me. Thank you.
  2. LMIAs often take 4-6 months to obtain. Once you have the approved LMIA - you will still have to apply for a closed work permit and wait for it to be approved. You should not quit school until you have an approved closed work permit.

  3. Will a positive LMIA guarantee a Job in canada. If we receive a positive LMIA, what do they check for work permit to issue?

    I'm applying from Outside Canada. I have work experience mismatch with the current offer. will it affect my work permit?

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