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Left Canada during Implied Status - Work Experience?


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Jun 22, 2013
I've applied for CEC inland in June 2020, but now I just realised something that I'm worried about.

I completed my degree in May 2019, applied for my PGWP right away, then started full time work in June 2019. While waiting for my PGWP (on implied status) I visited the US in July 2019 for 2 days. My understanding is I can't resume working once I return Canada on implied status? Anyway, it wasn't an issue returning on my study permit and it never crossed my mind until now that it wasn't allowed.

I continued working throughout, finally receiving my PGWP in Aug 2019.

I'm seeing the two guidelines for calculating work experience:
  • (b) a period of self-employment or unauthorized work is not to be included in calculating a period of work experience;
  • (c) the foreign national must have had temporary resident status during their period of work experience and any period of full-time study or training; and
At first glance I seem to satisfy (c), as my original permit hadn't expired. In my defence, I did try to apply for the PGWP when returning from the US but the office at YVR airport was closed (I arrived around 1am on a holiday).

Has this ever been an issue for anyone here? Do the IRCC officers actually investigate the validity of implied status by looking at travel history?