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Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by aaa06, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. I have sent my passport for stamping.Once I receive my passport back,I'm planning to land in toronto.

    1)can somebody tell me what is the mode in which I should take the proof of
    funds while landing in canada by air? (for 2 ppl i guess it's around 10k / 11k
    US$).I read in some forum where it said that taking the money in 2 halfs(5k
    5k) is better,since anything above 10k US$ is not allowed.

    So can somebody clear me on this?

    2)Also I'm planning to come back to US after landing.I have another
    question.....does the 5 year PR timeline start when I land canada?

    Is there a time line within which one should land in canada after receiving
    the passport with stamping?Should the landing be dome before the medicals

    3) Also if the 5 yr timeline starts from the date of landing,can one postpone it
    by 1year(in case landing can be done at anytime irrespective of the
    medicals) ?

    4) I'm palnning to land by air in toronto.Does all the formalities take place in
    the airport?

    5) Should I apply for PR card in the airport or in HRDC office?

    6) Also since I'm going to return to US after landing,how should I answer the
    immigration officer?
    Because these days,if on landing anyone said that they would move after
    6m / 1yr then it seems that the immigration officer is asking that person to
    apply for PR while plannin to move to canada?

    So to avoid this delay how should I answer the immigration officer,so that I
    will be able to apply for PR card while landing?

    7) Apart from SIN card,PR what else should I apply for if I'm going to return
    back to US after landing?

    8) I will be in toronto for 4 days.can anybody suggest me places to look
    around toronto?

  2. Hi

  3. If I apply for SIN and get my SIN card,will I have to pay tax?

    Can I land in vancouver,since I have mentioned toronto in my application?

    If I land in vancouver can I apply SIN in vancouver and give my friend's address in toronto for PR card and SIN?

    Is it enough if I take bank stmt for the proof of funds?


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