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just wondering

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by cubsgirl, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. I've been at this for a while now. I live 3 miles South of the Canadian border. I am thinking of moving to Canada to be with my boyfriend of over a year. I know that legally I can go there for 6 months. What happens if we get married while I'm there? Will I then have to leave the country and come back to the states? This is what I've heard. My children have decided for now to stay in the states, but I also want to make sure they have the option of coming to live with us if they decide to. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. yes you have leave after six month or apply for permanent residence for canada
  3. I guess I miss worded that. Can I stay in Canada while I apply for permanent resident or do I apply and have to leave. Someone told me that once you apply, you have to leave the country for 6 months.
  4. If you get married and submit your application for PR before the 6 months are up you will not have to go back to the states but you may find it extremely hard to leave and re-enter once you have submitted your application, so you need to be prepared to stay in Canada for the long wait once the process starts.

    I would suggest looking at the CIC website and reading through the forms and guidelines to see exactly what's needed to apply - that will give you an idea of what you'd need to take to Canada with you (evidence etc) and whether you can actually get it done in that time frame. And if you want the option of sponsoring your children at a future time they will need to undergo the medical exams so that's another thing you'll need time to organise.

    Hope that helps.
  5. thank you.. that helps a lot.. I really appreciate it.
  6. Why would it be extremly hard to leave and re-enter, if she has passport and letters stateing that she is comeing back to the states...example: round trip tickets and letter from employer stateing what day she is to return to work?

    I plan on visiting my husband once the paperwork is in process and I really would like to know why it's

  7. it just depends on where you cross and the mood of the IO, most people go back and forth with no problems, but there are some who have had nightmarish dealings trying to cross the border wether by car or plane.If an IO feels like you wont leave when your time is up for any reason then they can deny you entry.Showing ties to your home country and or showing that you have a PR application in process or showing that you have paid the applicable fees is a plus, and will likely swade the IO to let you thru. also once you have filed a PR app and decide to visit, then you can always get an extension to your visitor status i think it costs $75, and also if you have filed and paid the fees then you can show this and sometimes the IO will give you a year visitor record. this is not set in stone, and you have to be married or common law in order to file under the spousal family class. hope this helps a little
  8. DG,

    It's for exactly the reasons that Tamee gave that I said "may" find it extremely hard - it's down to the IO you get on the day unfortunately. Some have sailed through with no problems, others have had heartbreak at the border.

    And I'm talking about inland applicants leaving and trying to re-enter Canada, not an outside applicant coming in to visit their sponsor - that's generally a lot easier although you should still be prepared with all the documentation that you mentioned. Does that make more sense?
  9. What about bringing some of my belongings, when I initially go for the first 6 months? Like furniture? I have a truck and especially want to bring like paintings and pictures.. bedding.. dishes.. etc.. heirlooms.. how would that go over at the border?
  10. nope they will turn you right around for bringing a truck with all that stuff
  11. so Tammy.. should I bring minimal stuff each time? I will have to cross a few times for various reasons.. I know my things will be safe here until I can get them up there. Once I get PR paperwork, can I then come get my belongings?
  12. Also what if we don't marry.. what if I apply as a conjugal partner? Not sure if I spelled that right LOL.. is it basically the same as if we were married?
  13. from what i hear conjugal is alot harder to prove.once you get PR and land you can bring all your things, until then i believe you are limited to clothes and things you can fit inside your trunk that doesnt look like you are moving prematurely.I dont know anything about conjugal except ive seen few try for it and get refused.you might want to do some research on it, from what i gather proving that you cant be together because of inconvience and cant be together because of saftey or whatever you have to prove for conjugal is a fine line and hard to prove, of course its jsut from what ive read i really know nothing on that subject.

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