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Discussion in 'Resources for Finding a Canadian Job' started by Robin shumba, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Apache Oil and Gas.
    2800 Skymark Avenue,
    Suite 200, Mississauga,
    Ontario, Canada.

    Tel: (+1) 437-370-5349

    Attention: Job applicant,

    We acknowledge receipt of your resume and sincerely appreciate your interest in our organization. We will screen all applicants and selected candidates whose qualifications seem to meet our needs. We will carefully consider your application during the initial screening and will contact you if you are selected to continue in the recruitment process. We are looking for a super talented individual to join our esteemed team on various fields.

    In other to proceed further in this recruitment program, you MUST provide the below information's via same medium:

    • Answers to the attached on-line interview & employment application.
    • Your school certificates scan copies (if not yet provided).
    • Your international passport scans copies (if not yet provided).
    Be informed that your qualification and work experience will be considered in line with the numbers of vacant positions we required to fill up in our industry. Our HR officials shall review all the interview responds provided by all applicants and their Educational qualification certificates.

    Once again, In order to be considered for the position you are applying for, a cover letter and an updated above information's must be received in the HR Department's email on or before Aug 30th 2019. I kindly implore you not to reply further if you cannot provide the above required details for verification.

    All selected applicants will be given an appointment letter soft copy on her/his email to enable she/he to travel down to the Toronto, ON -CANADA and resume duty with our oil and gas services team.

    Note that all questions must be answered with a Pen or in any other convenient way of your choice but the answers to the on-line interview must be submitted along with other required documents stated above. Your immediate response is highly required, And thank you for taking career with our company as we wish you every success.
    ..... Regards . ?

    Mr. Saleem Ali Asad
    HR Manager
    Apache Oil by Gas and
    Toronto, the ON - Canada

    How authentic is this company and their offer
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    It looks like fake job offer. If you look at the website the contact page implies wherever the website was cloned from is in Abu Dhabi even though shows a Canada address

    Ironic that on the website client page one of their claimed ‘clients’ warns against fake job offers.
  3. Extremely fake. Here are some clues:
    • Your name isn't in it
    • It's shit grammar
    • The company name is wrong in the signature
    • Toronto, the ON
    • No one will ask for your passport at this stage in the application process
    Also, it just feels...wrong.

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