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Job Loss/ Contract got end after submitting documents to IRCC under CEC


Oct 3, 2020
Hello Friends,

I've recently submitted my documents to IRCC under CEC category for the Permanent Residency in Canada. I am on the LIMA Exempt/ closed work permit in Canada, working for a one Canadian Bank (client). I have a valid work permit from my Employer until 2022. I was sent here on Intra Company Transfer (ICT) to work at client's place.

my ITA got picked up 2 months ago and I've submitted all the documents recently. I've heard from my Employer that, my project is coming to an end by October end. This news was absolutely unexpected and I was told right after my submission of documents to IRCC. My employer told me that, they are going to terminate my contract and they are going to pay me Severance pay under the Ontario Employment Standards Act.

My question is, I've claimed 50 points for the Job offer and if they terminate my contract, will this affect my PR process. Having said that, my Work Permit is still valid until 2022. If my Employer stops my payroll, how the case officer will react to my application. Will he call/enquire about my status with the employer?

Secondly, If I claim Employment Insurance after this month, will this affect my PR process?

Thanks, in advance.