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ITA Recieved November 2019 - Please join here. Lets keep track together!!!

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by rajasep6, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. For me,

    Express Entry Profile submitted - Nov 10
    ITA - Nov 13
    CRS -515 (Canadian Experience Class)

    Now preparing PCC, Medical and other supplementary documents.
  2. Express Entry Profile submitted - Nov 11
    ITA - Nov 13
    CRS -493 (Canadian Experience Class)

    I did upfront medical exam and preparing supplementary documents.
  3. I have 2 years of job experience here. I can attach a letter form employer confirming my roles and responsibilities. About the pay and compensation - do i have to attach all of my pay stubs ???
  4. You don't need to attach pay stubs. Employment letter is enough.
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  5. ITA - Nov 13th
    AOR - Nov 15th
    CEC applicant - 485

    Is there any group for Nov? Any tracker?
  6. Not that I am aware of. That’s why I started this
    If you find one please let us know as well ☺️
  7. I got my ITA on November 13th (475 inland) but I will most likely recieve my AOR December as i am submitting next week wednesday, all the best guys!
  8. ITA: 27 Nov 2019
    AOR: 28 Nov 2019
    CEC applicant inland
    crs- 473
  9. Profile submitted : Nov 9th
    ITA : 13 Nov 2019
    CRS : 486 (CEC)
    Waiting for police certificate and other docs will apply mid next month hopefully
  10. Got Nomination from Alberta : Nov 8th
    ITA: 13 Nov 2019
    CRS: 891
    Application submitted : 27th November
    AOR: 27th November
    Inland Citizenship from Pakistan
    Applied with wife both Inland

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