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Is there a WhatsApp group for landing? Post PPR/Post COPR? General/BC

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by redfox05, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Hey all, is there a WhatsApp group for landing? Post PPR/Post COPR?

    Either a General group or one for BC (British Columbia). Please let me know as I really want to join one to join in on the chat on relocating and getting ready.

    I cant really post my number on the forum so publicly, but please leave a message and I'll PM it.
  2. Hi Redfox,

    We have a group dedicated to BC specifically Vancouver. If possible share your number, shall add you there.

  3. whatsapp group is a great idea. lets start one
  4. We already have a group on whatsapp. Send me your number
  5. Please add 647 539 2072
  6. Would you still like to be added to the group?
  7. please add me to the whatsapp group. +91 9809851324
  8. Guys- Please add my number to the group landing in Feb.

    +919945163724 Thanks
  9. Please add me to the group
    no +91 9811595345
  10. Please add +22506870540
  11. Please add me to post landing group as i am landing in Jan : +1 647 947 4576.........Thank you
  12. Hai Everyone

    Plz add me too +919495558834
  13. Hello friends, I just go COPR. I am landing in April 2017. Please add me +91 9099911910
  14. Hi

    Plz add +8801847200454
  15. Guys,

    please add me as well as i have got COPR already ... +923454278854


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