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Is it true being an American while immigrating to Canada somehow beneficial?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Robotic, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Benificial with the process? If so why is that?
  2. Nothing beneficial about it not if you have a record. But their is possibility
    that the application will be process faster if you apply out-land and you will
    not likely require an interview.
  3. The main benefits are that you are visa-exempt so many people "wait out" the process in Canada. You don't need a visitor permit typically unless you are planning on staying more than 6 months. Of course you should always be prepared to show proof of ties to the United States to the border agent. The other benefit is that interviews for U.S. citizens are practically unheard of. Being processed faster is not among the benefits.
  4. hmmm..about the interview, i hear that alot, why is that?
  5. I guess an interview is called sometimes when there are suspicions the relationship is not genuine. The marriage is fake in order for the applicant to gain permanent residence status.

    A US citizen in a US/Canadian couple has nothing to gain by living in Canada. Living condition etc are same, reducing the risk of fraudulent marriages.
    The same is true of UK and Aus citizens.
  6. ohhh that makes sense lol, thank you...was just wondering =)
  7. Yes, the reason being an American while immigrating to Canada is beneficial is because the two countries are so similar in culture and living standards, that the visa officers are extremely unlikely to think the relationship between an American and a Canadian is fraudulent. Therefore processing is easier, less proof is needed, and an interview is usually not required.
  8. It's a 2.5 hour flight if you have to live apart for 3 years, and you don't need a visit visa. ;D

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