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Is it possible to get a job in Canada ?

Discussion in 'Resources for Finding a Canadian Job' started by porosh17, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Hello There,

    I am asking some questions that could make you laugh, it might be a silly question.
    Lets assume, I dont know about anything in this forum.

    1. Do any Canadian company invite foreign Engineer ?
    2. If so, is there any possibilities to get invitation ?
    3. Beside Express Entry, whats other category we could apply for VISA (If a company invite a candidate).
    4. How to get close to Canadian Companies?
    5. Do you think online application from a different country would be a reasonable way to get a job in Canada?

    Hope you will response me soon.

  2. It's generally extremely difficult to secure a job offer in Canada before you are a PR since employers have to go through a very long and expensive process to hire you - and there's no guarantee of approval at the end. Some people are successful - however most employers aren't willing to go through the process. If you are able to secure a full time job offer in Canada and your employer is able to get an approved LMIA, you can apply to come to Canada on a temporary work permit. But again, generally very difficult to do.

    If you want to try to find an employer, you should apply for jobs through reputable sites such as indeed, linkedin, monster, etc. Agencies are pretty much all scams - avoid them.
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  3. Thank you Scylla.
    It looks like the top of mountain that wont be touched!
    Looking at the difficulties for hiring any foreign engineer what would be "expensive" for Canadian company? Does it need to be a well known company? Need huge bank deposits ? How the expert engineers from USA, Germany, Switzerland,China, Japan can move to Global canadian companies? If someone in a global team with same company branch?
    Or all are migrating through PR or Express Entry?
    How Post docts researcher got Visa in Canada?
    If someone get company invitation visa for temporary work permit, can he apply other companies after finishing contacts?

    I have been applied a lot of position in Monster, nobody replied yet last 5 years.

    Dont you think, online application is useless? Spot interview is effective compared to candidate who are sitting million miles far away?
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    Canadian culture is different. They like pretty and noble ways, but don't intend to invest on nurturing or building them. They have high social problems and that itself is a reflection of what I said before. The only thing that keeps the country in peace is moderate level of access to governmental services. They also strictly work within laws and code, there is no out of the box thinking or process that has a humanistic aspect. But they do reflect in an humanistic manner when it is something that affects their own surrounding community as a means of survival. One of the biggest things that is advised to foreigners is not to gawk, but the level of gawking I received is in a level of "unwanted attention" that is how morality works. Today in bus, just in front of me (disregarding me) I heard a woman asking there daughter that whether she like to talk to me. I immediately felt like a piece in a carnival show. So in short getting a LMIA or Employment as a person of color and facial characteristics of a different race might be difficult. But they are said to be a land of multiculturalism, that is the banner. Really it is about these groups making a band themselves and following their own tune that is contained in the same frequency of the natives.
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  5. Persons color and background is a factor that proves our narrow mind for sure. If its thought to be a diseases I wont surprize. I have same experience while living another country for long time. Even I accept what you have nicely explain, people are moving for better survival. Let try for it.

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