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is it a good university

Discussion in 'Education' started by bhargavk, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. i got a admission in lakehead university, MSc(computer science) thunder bay campus and memorial university.
    which is the better university.
    which place is better to live (thunder bay or new foundland).
    please suggest me ........guys
  2. I think lakehead is a better option coz its in city. I am also going for uni of toronto for master in finance.
  3. I think Memorial University is the best university for education...Mine cousin is actually studying there and She always tells me about the good things about this college.......So Thats why I suggest you to go for a Memorial University......
  4. You can follow Maclean's ranking to choose (if not chosen yet). Although people have different perspective re: how Maclean ranks the uni/colleges, it still portrays a reasonable picture of Canadian universities. Here is the link for Maclean's 2011 University ranking:

    Thunder Bay would be much colder than St. John's (NF). Personally, I haven't been to any of them. But both can be considered remote places comparing the southern Ontario. Try Wikipedia for more info on each place.
  5. want to do mengg course based in mem univ in chemical /petroleum engg plz guide is it of one year or two year.. will able to get job easily or not..

    and which one is better meng course based or thesis based - job and pr point to view..should do mengg of 1 yr or 2 yr
    only intention is to get finally PR
  6. Generally, MEng (Master of Engineering) would refer to course-based graduate program whereas MASc (Master of Applied Science) would mean research-based graduate program. But for your chosed university (Memorial); it seems the opposite.

    I've gone through Memorial University website and found the following in your interested subject (Oil & Gas Engineering):

    Research-Based (http://www.engr.mun.ca/graduate/research/oil_and_gas.php):
    When you choose this, you have to satisfy one of the professors of your interest to work (research) under him. If you get a "yes" from any professor/supervisor; then you can get admission to the uni. Since this is not entirely based on courses you take; the duration would largely depend on your supervisor. On average, it would take 1.5 ~ 2 year. Benefits of this would include research funding, GA-ship, hands-on experience, publishing papers, attending conference & seminars and making contacts for your future endeavour.

    Course-Based (http://www.engr.mun.ca/graduate/course/masc_oil.php):
    The admission would be lot easier than the previous one as this is solely handled by the university/ engineering authority. You'll fulfill the required credit hours by taking courses just like an undergrad (will take 12 ~ 14 months). Most courses will have team projects. If you're lukcy, you may get some scholarship. But there won't be much as of hands-on experience and other facilities. Only benefit I see from this program is the INTERNSHIP OPTION. Normally, co-op/intern opportunities are very limited to graduate students (don't know about this uni) and hence it may be very competitive to get one. But it will be highly beneficial in order to getting a job after post-grad.

    You should research more about the criteria of different PR application category (CEC, PNP etc.). A research-based masters program would be valued more than a course-based one. A company will always see how much experience you gathered along with your studies.
  7. If you are going to be an international student, memorial university may be better as the tuition is generally much much cheaper. It is also warmer
  8. @bhargavk
    i would love to know the steps you took before u gained admission?i applied to york university and acadia university for Msc computer science,and was denied admission for reasons i no not of.
    i studied Information and computer systems,from Nigeria,having C.GPA of 3.64...i paid the application fee,and sent required documents to the institution.is it late for to apply @ memorial or lakehead....what date precisely did you apply?.please i need your help.
  9. Hello,

    The application deadline for most programs is normally sometime between Dec 1 and Feb 15.
  10. According to me Both these Universities are best for MSc(computer science) because I have heard about these both Universities....But As per your Question I would like to suggest you to go for Memorial University.

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