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Is Canada Worth It

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Neel108, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. We (Husband and I) recently went to Canada in August 2019 on tourist visa for a month Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Prince Edward Island) and loved it!. I started to think about immigration to Canada, however, my husband is not very supportive. He is just doing it as I am saying it. We recently got ITA and then I saw the reluctance from him. Although I pushed him to submit all documents, but am I correct in making him do this?

    I am 29 years old and my husband is 32 years old. We have 4 year old son.

    My husband makes in hand salary of INR 210,000 (CAD 4,000 after all tax and PF deductions) per month in Delhi NCR (private company in Gurgaon). His annual CTC goes above 35 Lacs (CAD 70,000). I make INR 75,000 (CAD 1,500 per month) and multiple perks comes with government job in government school in Delhi. I am on contract which is renewed on yearly basis.

    We have one home and we do save a lot as my husband parents are also earning. We also have one home in Delhi (we both bought on loan and its on rent). We are really comfortable. We all live in parental house in Gurgaon. I discussed with my husband parents and they seem to be fine with us moving to Canada, however, its my husband who is not all interested and shruggs the topic every time. My father in law is very supportive and encourages my husband to move to US/Canada. He was pushing him for MBA when he was 30 years old, but he didn't pursue. I am all in for quality of living in Canada and developed countries. Recently Delhi NCR Air was so bad, that we were going out only with masks. Anyhow, we have talked on Europe, Australia and Canada and seems like Canada is easiest to migrate. Still my husband is very much reluctant.

    I believe his reluctance comes from Loan we have, parents and then he is like very comfortable with his job here and then we do travel 1-2 times for holidays abroad and in India. He is not willing to quit this comfort at 32. He is very risk averse type of person. I gave him solutions to all problems 1. Rent could be used to pay the EMI as we get very good rent 2. We have talked on with parents and we could move them to Canada as well 3. We could try jobs from India and some of his friends have told, he could get transfer easily from Deloitte/KPMG/EY/PwC.

    Now after convincing him I read all the stuff: like Canadian work ex, qualifications required for regulated jobs like for teachers and chartered financial analysts, job hunt and even now I am feeling bit anxious myself. I know its early! Dont know if this is right decision. I am doing all the research as my husband isn't even is willing to go in that direction.
  2. Where is the harm in trying?

    You can try and see if you like like Canada, and if not you can always move back to India.

    It's true that many people who have established careers in their home countries, can find the adjustment to Canada difficult initially because over there, what matters is Canadian work experience, and the vast majority of people have to take a step back in their careers before achieving the same level they were at when they left their home country. But many in the long run do very well in Canada, even better than if they stayed in their home country. Of course, there are those who get demotivated and move back because the adjustment is too difficult or they were not prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to make the move work.

    This would be my view, I'd say you've already gotten your ITA, you've submitted your documents, now wait until your application is hopefully approved and then decide what you want to do.

    But I will say this, moving to Canada is an opportunity you may not get in the future. If you look at how the CRS scores have risen sharply recently, who knows what it will be like in the future, and in any case you both will lose points for age making you less competitive in the future.

    You don't want to make a decision that you end up regretting later. I know people who got immigration but didn't end up going, and it already expired and now they regret it.

    Don't be one of those people, you also have to look at the future of your son. Canada is a great country, it's safe, stable, developed and clean.

    If you go there and you don't feel the move is working, you can always move back. But don't miss out on the opportunity to go now.
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  3. Money-wise not worth it. You will be making maybe the same in Canada but your expenses will increase substantially. Your quality of life will be worse due to financial reasons.

    That being said, you might be able to compensate by living in a country that is cleaner and has more order.

    Also consider the climate difference.

    I think most of those who move to Canada (me included) consider the long-term benefit of living in the developed country, which is basically stability and predictability.
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  4. This is very well said, especially the bit about predictability and stability.
    I am still waiting for PR (post AOR stage) but this is my main motivation, I know we will make less money and lower purchasing power compared to India/US but stability and clean environment, rule of law are main motivators for me. Hoping the PR comes and we get to enjoy it :)
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  5. That depends on do you really like Canada and can you get used to the way of life here. Think about it with your spouse carefully before making the decision.
    My wife likes how convenient and comfortable the life is in our home country, and we have countless of friends to hang out with. However there are good things here in Canada that we can never find in our country any time soon: better air quality, food quality, better education for kids, and the overall order across the country. These are something I personally value the most, and that is how I convinced my wife to stay. One more factor is that I personally don't like socializing with other people that much, but instead I prefer a quiet life with family.
    At the end of the day it really comes down to your own choice, and I don't see there is any right or wrong answers because everyone see things differently. But I would like to recommend to make sure every member in your family feels happy about the decision.
  6. traveling is different than living, I love traveling in Europe but never think about to move there

    You already knew a lot of great thing about Canada so I am not repeating

    Winter is cold here, Living expense is higher, tax is high, doesn't matter how experienced you are you start from junior here, life is boring. If you come to GTA, you will find yourself no different in India (when you immigrant, you are looking to new life not new geographic location)

    Good thing of course a higher standard of living, justice, education system, clean water/air, safety (maybe?) etc
  7. This is a very good financial profile so financially I don't think it makes sense for you to move to Canada.

    Is your husband the type who is averse to doing the household chores himself? Because in Canada you would have to do pretty much everything yourself. Hiring full time maid, driver etc is not feasible.

    The big advantages as others mention are rule of law, clean air, water, and general orderliness and predictability of life and of course the Canadian passport. Are these good enough reasons for somebody of your background to move here? Possibly. Yours is certainly not the average profile of people moving to Canada.

    I suppose nobody can answer this question for you completely but I will say one thing. Do not burn your bridges and go to Canada. Try to find suitable employment there and see if you guys are able to get the employment of your choice. Then make a final decision on whether to quit from India and move over.

    As for your own profession, i don't think it would be quite as easy to find a teaching job here in Canada. The requirements are much stricter as I understand.
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    Thanks everyone for suggestions. Its just I believe I have to push him a lot! Financially even I think it doesn't makes sense for us, however, clean air and water along with beautiful surroundings are the things attracting me!

    Household Chores - As I say he feels comfortable, I hardly see him even picking glass of water to sink or dishwater. We have 24 hour maid who works around 7-9 hours and we pay her. We do have a driver which is paid by Delhi Government as I have driver and petrol allowance (in addition to my salary). My husband is more like a Uber / Ola person. I am Senior Teacher. In addition to maid, we do have help for washing, ironing clothes and gardening as well. So we both are spoiled I guess, however, I am ready to put effort on my side if we immigrate. I just doubt if my husband will...He is like ordering food (Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato) if he doesn't likes the food in home, going out every weekend, watching movies (I am not cribbing, but he was mostly spoiled).

    Groceries are ordered online Big Basket or Nature Basket (very fresh produce)

    He is very good with Finances - in Salary and rent - he keeps majority of monthly salary for savings, and FDs (1.1-1.2 Lac), then 30k (international holiday for year); 40-50k (Household spend; weekends; his nights out, car EMI, my child education fees, gym etc) and lastly rent we get goes in EMI of loan. My salary mostly goes on shopping and rarely for household spend, but I save close to 45k every month. My savings mostly goes mostly to mutual funds (25k) and emergency / education fund (20k). He manages everything. Till now we have never used emergency / education fund. My father in law had major accident, but it was covered by his government job and even my husband's company. My husband company gives us close 15-20 lacs of medical cover. Delhi government gives me unlimited medical cover. My both parents and parents in laws have 15 lacs medical insurance and government cover. Maids are paid by my in laws as they cover both the floors. Top floor is on rent where rent goes to my in laws. He keeps giving me these figures and tell why I want to disturb it. He says why I want to leave this lavish lifestyle and make his life struggle - and I keep telling him Human Development Index, Quality of Air and Water, Safety, University/School Fees. Even today we had arguments over this and he has just slept with our son and I am doing the research again.

    Its like for this Immigration Application, its just me making the whole effort. e.g., I wrote his the reference letter for him and he took 3 weeks to get it signed on letter head. I am pretty sure we will get the approval due to my OCD, but its just the attitude of my husband. I feel he wont even put effort to look for job

    Today only he said financially for him, he will only move to US / Western Europe or Scandinavia that too if he gets internal transfer, not any other country and then he started showing me Big 4 salaries in Canada which he said are CAD 20-30k higher at his position and we will still end up living like misers. He said he doesn't want to give life of misers to the family.

    I so want to convince him as I really liked Canada. I could do admin/assistant jobs (CAD 30-40k) and even he makes CAD 110-120k in Big 4 (I don know how easy it would be for him?); our life would be comfortable? I asked him has he ever applied to jobs in Canada. He said he will only push his manager for transfer to US or Western Europe if right opportunity comes which he says is very rare!

    Only thing I feel, how I convince him that we will able to maintain similar lifestyle as we have right now. (Would we?) If I can convince on that he will start pushing his manager for transfer to Canada (I dont know how feasible is that though for Big 4) !!! Thats I guess is main issue!
  9. I can definitely see your husband blaming you if things go wrong (which always can in these sorts of situations). I know quite a few couples who've had serous issues in their marriages because one of them wasn't convinced about coming over but relented in the face of pressure from the other.

    I would still say that you go ahead and complete your application. Get your PR, and then you will have another 3 years to make a final decision. If in that time your husband starts to get less fond of India then you can move here. Else just stay where you are. You guys have a very good lifestyle and you can save to send your kids to get a good education in Canada or the US. Financially only the US usually makes sense (western europe and scandinavia are not that great for saving lots of money either).

    But yes, doing household chores will be a serious problem if he is not used to it. You might be willing to do it but after a while you will get very tired if your husband is not helping. You will come to resent it. I think it would be good to get his buy in before deciding to come here. However, as I said, once you get PR you do have 3 years to make a final decision. So use that time to see if your husband changes his mind.
  10. I actually wrote it that he will put blame on me (then I edited it so that I dont look needy :( , then, I was feeling guilty. I will submit my application. Everything is in system and uploaded. I shall just QC everything over the weekend. Just to get another person, I'll QC again during next week (OCD)

    But question still remains on floor, would we have similar lifestyle? I hope he changes his mind in those 3.5 years! But I doubt that as if he get promoted which I think he will then his salary will go to Associate Director Level or Thought Leadership Level. Its like more time you give more diff cult would be to be leave India and go to Canada
  11. As much as I would love to tell you that your lifestyle will be the same, i just don't think it will be (or at least the chances are low).

    It is much harder to find comparable positions in Canada if you aren't into certain positions. Plus Canada is super expensive. The high quality of life comes with a high cost of living. If your husband's career is going that well, i honestly wouldn't suggest him to move just like that.

    The other option is that you convince your husband to allow your son and you to go and live in canada for 3 years while you get your citizenship. Then return to live with him. Not sure he will agree to it but that way you will have the canadian option open to you and your son (and a sponsorship option that you can use to sponsor your husband later down the line if he decides he wants to move there later) and can then move back to live with your husband.
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  12. since you like doing research, suggest you to do this:

    1> check cost of living : numbeo.com (Toronto or Vancouver)
    2> check tax calculated based on your gross income (120 + 40) = 160kCAD : simpletax.ca
    3> check car prices and car insurance rates for newcomers.

    Savings = 160k -1 -2 -3

    If you are happy then show it to your husband
    If you are unhappy do NOT show it to your husband :- )
  13. Immigrating is always a bit of a gamble, and you have to have the right mindset - it's high risk, high reward (and that depends on where you're starting from).

    As an example - I know a couple who left Delhi two+ years ago. One is a lawyer (good friend of mine from law school), the other is a CA and were making a combined total of something like 5 lakhs a month (or more) in Delhi. So lots of money and the accompanying lifestyle, similar to yours.

    However, they weren't from Delhi and were beginning to dislike it more and more for a variety of reasons. They wanted to move to Bombay/B'lore but then thought of just moving to Canada and fixing a lot of their quality of life issues in one go (Bombay and Bangalore aren't that much better than Delhi).

    It was worse for them since they were in regulated professions (law, CA). But the guy (lawyer) has a master's from the US and is a member of the New York Bar, and he'd worked in the US for a bit so he already had a network in North America. He figured that it would take him about 12-14 months to become a member of the Ontario Bar, while his wife took the exams for the CPA. They had the money (and no kids) to live on savings for that time, and they both wanted to leave badly, so they went for it.

    And it's worked out for them. He's become a lawyer here and now is qualified in three countries, and she got a job after completing her CPA. Financially, I believe they are quite comfortable, and of course they have lots of growth opportunities in their professions.. there's lots of money if you're a good lawyer. He does commercial arbitration - big money there.

    So yes, it can work out. BUT on the other hand, my friends had unique skills and were willing to do what it took to get re-skilled here - and worst case, they would have gone back to India and resumed their private practice.

    It's not that easy for many people, and I know of many many people who just couldn't get into the job market in Canada. Your husband may well not be able to get a job that matches his current one, and if he's not committed to working hard and struggling for a bit, he will not like it at all. And you have a child, so you have to think about that as well.

    As other people have suggested, you should go ahead and get your PR. You can visit here for a few weeks with your husband, talk to friends, see how life is and then you have three years to decide. Who knows, in those three years Delhi may improve a lot and you don't need to move. Or, maybe Delhi gets MUCH worse, and your husband suddenly wants to get out as well. Good to have options.
  14. Well tell him if he stays in Delhi he might have a big bank balance but no lungs remaining.
  15. Stay put in India. Your hubby is not ready.

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