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*** IQAS ECA Fluctuation (Complete/Final Review) URL For Report Download ***


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Mar 6, 2019

Been on this endless journey ever since I started seeing Complete/Final Review. Googling helped me to come across this URL.


Input your URL in the link above and click generate and you shall get a URL to download your report.

For Example: If your URL is "https://iqas.labour.alberta.ca/FACS/Document/DownloadApplicationForm/<Your.Application.Alphanumeric.String>"
Your Report URL will be: https://iqas.labour.alberta.ca/FACS/Document/DownloadApplicationFormFromPortal?id=<Your.Application.Alphanumeric.String>

I hope this can help everyone out who is going with IQAS :)

Also my IQAS turn around time was bloody fast.

Application Submitted Date: August 13, 2020
Application Received Date: August 25, 2020
Status Date: October 1, 2020 (This was showing September 23, 2020 but the status kept switching between Complete/Final Review).

On a side note, people who have done Masters from India, please proceed with IQAS for evaluation. AVOID WES. WES gave my credentials evaluation as Post graduate Diploma where as IQAS gave it as equivalent to one year Masters in Canada. Also, WES sent my credentials back to the institute for re-verification which could significantly delay your overall application for Express Entry, mine got delayed by 2-3months almost due to the lock down as well. WES will also need your bachelors to evaluate your masters credentials.

Please also note that you will not get any email updates with IQAS. You will have to monitor it by logging into their portal.

URL to my report with details removed: https://pasteboard.co/JtZ1V2H.png
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Jul 5, 2021
Hi, My status is not fluctuating anymore and its showing "completed".
I am not getting the download link anywhere.
Please help if you can


Jul 5, 2021
Already tried this, Not working,
its showing "An error has occurred, Please click on Home button or this link to return to home page.
If the error persists, contact System Administrator."

Any idea when the "download" link will appear in "action" tab?