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Informing CIC about change in employment


Jun 11, 2017
Hi All, here is my situation

I have been in Canada on closed work permit for two years (LMIA Excempt, intra-company transfer). My work permit and TRV are valid till Aug 2020. In June this year, I was laid off. After the layoff, I created EE profile and applied for PR under CEC in July (ITA on June 26th, AOR on July 27th).

Now, my former employer is asking me to return to work for them again. Here are my questions,

1. If I take the offer, do I have to inform CIC via web form that my employment condition has changed? I was unemployed when I submitted my profile and application.

2. As my closed work permit for my former employer is still valid, my understanding is that I can start working for that employer in the same position as mentioned on my work permit. Is that correct?

Thank you all for your help!