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Information about family for common law

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Evens, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Hi guys I am in tears because my girlfriend refused to put her family info... I am applying for CEC and my immigration agency told me to fill out a form —for both me and my common law partner. (She is Canadian and not sponsoring me,just as additional family) She is very suspicious because she doesn’t think it is legit and doesn’t want to put her family info unless she knows CIC requires that... is there a form I can find to state partner needs to put their family information on the application? How can I find that?
  2. Yes, you must include your common-law partner's information in the application. However, as she is a Canadian citizen, the amount of information required is minimal because she does not need to be added as a dependent who is required to undergo a medical examination or background check.
  3. Get rid of the agency. Your Canadian partner does NOT fill out any forms and proivde any documents beyond a copy of proof of her citizenship.
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  4. No, because only co-applicants need to fill that information out. Canadian citizens cannot be co-applicants. Your girlfriend is right, the agency is dead wrong.

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