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Indian tax assessment

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Pargat0406, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. hy. Can anyone tell me. What document can i make. To show my income’s tax exemption in india
    As my income was less than 100000. So i never filed any tax
    Now i need to upload a document in my pr file. Showing that tax exemption
    Can a CA certified letter explaining my income and tax exemption work?
    Anyone who knows plz let me know thnx
  2. Do you have your 16A forms from your employer.
  3. No. I just had a reference letter
    Can’t CA attested letter work?
  4. No Income tax is paid by some one who pays you income & He/She pays it to the IT Dept.
  5. Ok ty
  6. IRCC is well aware of tax laws in India and would know that people with people with income in 0% tax slabs may need not file their tax returns. Hence, no need to submit it, if you haven't filed it.

    However, filing tax returns has many benefits and while not filing one have none. One, whose tax slabs are at 0% can still file a NIL income tax return.

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