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Indian Chartered Accountants

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by maxo, May 22, 2009.

  1. Hi

    Any Indian chartered accountants in toronto on permanent resident visa.

    Pls. contact !
  2. I am chartered accountant from india staying in mississaug. contact me at rrajansg@yahoo.com.sg
  3. Hi.
    Can you guide me on Job availability in Accounting and Finance in Toronto at say Analyst/Accountant levels. Is it good/getting better or worse currently? THanks
  4. The great resources for Indian chartered accountants in finding job or business opportunities in canada
    Visit Indian chartered accountants association in toronto website.
    Buy the publication on "Canadian business opportunities" by Indian chartered accounting body in New Delhi.
  5. Hi,

    I am a Indian Chartered Accountant and I am planning to move CANADA. I am looking for some suggestion as to how I can best prepare myself with regard to Job availability in Canada.

    Please respond

  6. Hi

    I am Chartered Accountant from India. I have 1 year experience in Payroll and Accounts in Singapore and 6 years experience in clearing and settlement with Stock exchange. I am in Toronto since last one month and have applied for open work permit. I need help on following:

    What is job market with current experience and qualification in Toronto?
    What kind of short term courses can help me find a job here. ?

    Thanks in advance :)
  7. Hi Anyone from mississagua/toranto pl fwd ur id to mv291208@gmail.com..
  8. Hi Friends,

    I am an Indian CA and have also done US CPA. I have applied for Canadian immigration and have recd medical request. Could you plz guide me as to how I can start my career when I land in Canada....and how early can I get a job...and wht could be the minimum salary that I get in the begining.

    Thanks & Regards,
  9. hi

    I am CA from india. working in middle east with international auditing firm.
  10. Hello

    My name is CA. Sanket Makadia, I am an Indian Chartered Accountant of 2005 batch and I have landed Toronto on 07/08/2010 on Federal Skilled Worker Visa as a Permanent Resident. I have been working for UK based CA firm back in India at Ahmedabad since more than 2 years. I have an international exposure in UK Tax and accounts and looking forward to apply the same here in Canada. I am in the process of getting Credential Assessment with CGA and will be soon pursuing the CGA program as per the results of the assessment.

    I have came along with my wife CA. Shilpa Makadia and she is also a Chartered Accountant with a similar set of experience including Australian accounting.

    We both are looking for a relevant jobs in accounting firms. Please let us know your contact details so that we can move further.

    Our contact details are as follows:

    Cell: 647 829 7642
    Landline: 416 741 1164
  11. Hello there!

    I saw your posts in forum at canadavisa.com. I am Chartered Accountant, India & CPA from USA, presently working in USA (as CFO/Financial Controller)
    and my PR (Canada) is under process. I want to move to Canada before December end.

    Could you please advice me ..

    1. How I can serach for a decent job opportunity over there?
    2. How long it takes to get a Work Visa (as PR is under process), if you know?
    3. What's your experience about the job market for my qualifications?

    We never met or talked, so definately if you help me; it will be a great thing to remember as a human being.

    Thanks & Regards,
  12. Hi Sanket,

    Its CA Manvar from Rajkot Jan 2005 batch, currently in London. Glad you are also using this forum. I left my contact details with vikram mama. How is your job hunt and CGA credentials going on. Keep in touch.


  13. Hi everyone,
    This company is a French multi-national with HQs in France. They currently have a position for an Accounting Manager in their Vancouver facility. Give it a try. ;)
  14. As a Canadian HR professional, I would suggest you initially go directly to some of the large Accounting firm websites to see exactly what they are looking for in new hires.

    Be very careful not to get caught up in job titles, as it's very common for job titles to be different between countries. Focus more on 'what are the accountabilties' of the job.

    Take a look at the job descriptions and core competencies that companies like www.kpmg.ca, (https://sjobs.brassring.com/1033/ASP/TG/cim_home.asp?partnerid=25081&siteid=5067) or www.deloitte.com (http://careers.deloitte.com/canada/experienced-professionals/experienced.aspx) are looking for. How similiar or different is your experience?

    What will be important is to show how your skills are similiar, or are complementary to what they are looking for.

    Reserach and learn the do's and don'ts of job searching in the Canadian marketplace. As all HR groups will assume you know how to approach the job market. They will expect you to have done your homework and understand the job search protocols for this market.

    Go to www.careego.com to learn all about the strategies of job searching in the Canadian marketplace.

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