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Immigration as COOK

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by angelloveguy, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I am currently living in UK on Tier(1) Post study visa and I have completed my MBA and after that I got a job in my friend's restaurant as couldn't find any proper job in London, I have two years of experience as a cook in an Indian restaurant which is not very big but we have almost 100 customers daily. I just wanted to know that can I apply for Canadian Immigration as COOK. I have two short cookery courses certificates from a local institute.

    Secondly, I was refused for Canadian Immigration 4 years ago (Computer Programmer) as I was in London on studetn visa and I showed a part time job to canadian immigration officer and she was not cleared that how can I do a part time job in London on student visa, where as I told her that we are allowed for 20 hours of work without any permission but she was not conveinced and refused my visa.

    I wanted to know that can I apply for Canadian Immigration as COOK and will my last refusal will play any role.

  2. COOK qualifies for Canadian immigration, please refer to the website. Also past refusal wont matter. Go ahead all the best......
  3. cook qualifies under current list! but i am not sure u will qualify because of your diverse qualification .... you applied earlier as a programmer based on what....(education i can't understand , i am not impressed how come visa officer ) now u have MBA and working as a cook ............(hows that) i prefer you apply under business support (something like this , check out the list) will suit you...
  4. Hi Angelloveguy,

    if you have the necessary paperwork to prove you are a cook and show sufficient experience, I think it is better to go under the appropriate NOC 6242 for cooks than under NOC 1122 which is full already. Chances may be heaps better..
  5. hi angelloveguy,

    I have a similar problem like yours of having cooking experience and having and Mba. Want to know what happened with your application.


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