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IELTS 6 April 2019(General Training only): Let’s connect here guys



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Mar 23, 2019
Here are some of the speaking test topics of the IELTS test to be held on 6th April, that I have found on social media. Some have shared it and I would want you as well to benefit from these...

Applicant 1:
1) Talk about the SKY

2) Second part: describe an occasion where someone didn’t tell you all the truth

3) Honesty

Applicant 2:
I had my speaking on April 02, 2019 and LRW is on April 06,2019
Part 1: General questions; study or work, education, cinema
Cue Card: Describe an indoor or outdoor place to study or work.
Part 3: Follow Ups on cue card

Applicant 3:
Today I have taken my speaking test..
Part 1: Questions about where you are living right now and why, facilities around your home, whether you know your neighbours or not, your favourite colour, did u wear bright colours in your childhood, and 3 to 4 questions about cinema and movies..m
Part 2: Favourite place of your country
Part 3: Questions related to remote areas, towns and cities

Applicant 4:
I had my speaking test today on 2nd of April 2019. I would like to contribute to the list of topics so it might help someone else. I was asked: “Describe a game you played when you were younger” in part 2.

Applicant 5:
Part one
Talk about where you live ? What you like there ?
Whats your favorite colour?
Does the car colour present your personaly?
Cue Card
Talk about a person you have never met but you want to know more
Part three
Why do people feel lonely in a big city with milion of people ?
how to be friendly ?
how to make new friends?

Applicant 6:
Cue Card the question was Talk about a person you never met but want to know more.

Applicant 7:
Today i had my speaking exam 01 apr 2019.
1. information about workplace, work hours.
discussion on tea or coffee
part2. Describe an item which yu bought and never used.
Part3. talked about advertisements. talked about recycling.

Applicant 8:
Part1: questions on sky, beauty of sky, places we can see d beauty of sky
Part 2: an outdoor sport which i have not done yet and willing to do in life
Part 3 : continued queations on outdoor sports
In the listening section one, the caller said as canadian in d call .and in the answers i have written nationality as canada. Will that be marked wrong.

Applicant 9:
I have appeared my speaking test (academic) 01.04.2019…I’d like to share some of the topics with all….
Part 1
What’s your name?
Do you work or study?
Which institute are you studying?
What facilities do you have there?
What facilities do you suggest to add there in future?
Do you like to cook or not?
How do you think people find interest in cooking?
Do you prefer homemade food or restaurant food?
Part 2
Describe a family business you know
Who runs that?
How do they run that?
Have you know about that?
Part 3
Can you tell me what will be the benefits of having family members in a family business?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of family business?
What can be skills of a business person?
Which type of business should people join small or big business?

Applicant 10:
Speaking part 2 topic:
A task that you had to do recently but was not given enough time.
What was the task?
Why you had to do it?
Why you didn’t have enough time?

Good luck guys!! I would recommend you to prepare thoroughly for these as they tend to repeat.
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Mar 23, 2019
Hope you are all prepared for the tomorrow’s exam.. c’mon guys it’s time to prove yourself, so give your 100%..
Break a leg!


Jan 23, 2019
Hi. Had my speaking test last April 4. Part 2 question: describe someone who is intelligent for you.
>who he/she is
>what he/she does
>why do you consider him/her intelligent
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Apr 1, 2019
Hi! Let us leverage on time difference and help one another.
Mine is 10hrs to go.
I reside in Nigeria.
What about you?


Nov 15, 2017
02 min topic was - describe a handsome or beautiful person whom you meet recently.
How he/she look like?
What a retarded question. They ask this sort of nonsense. What should be the answer? Physical appearances? If talk about character and qualities that won't be answering the question right folks?