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Huge delay in work permit from india, July And August application

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Harry_Sidhu, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Visa office new delhi has long delay to process the work permit of may june july & august application.

    Share your timeline please.

    Some of my friends got interview call on 14 nov (application date 22 may) and 15 nov (application date 11 june).

    I applied on 19 july - till no response
  2. Got interview letter today
  3. What is this interview for? Work Permit?

    Have you gone through the LMIA process or something else? Appreciate your response
  4. Caregiver work permit with lmia
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  5. Hi
    My employer applied for lmio in August 2018. And still it's pending and when I asked them he always says it is in process. Might be received in jan 2019. Do any body know that when it will come ?? Any news about it?? It's getting really very long delay

    Plz help me for this

    Preet singh
  6. Ur number?
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  7. Looking for any response

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