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How to secure a UAE Police clearance

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by maeliza, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hello! Im eliza and im currently residing here in saskatoon saskatchewan, I have file an application for Provincial Nomination Program and were already almost on a final stage of processing my papers. recently i just received an email from Los Angeles visa office that i need to submit a UAE police clearance of my husband. I was aware that i need to submit this documents, my husband already have all the forms and documents that he need to process the UAE police clearance but the problem is He is no longer working at UAE for almost 6 years now and it was to hard for us to process or submit the forms in UAE because we dont have any personal contact that we can ask to process the said documents,and there's more I was here in canada and my husband is back in the philippines. Is that possible that i can process his UAE police clearance here in canada, in the emabassy here. The LOs Angeles Visa office just give us 120days to submit this document. Please help me. Hoping for your reply regarding this matter. thank you and god bless.
  2. Hi maeliza,

    Your best option would be to call UAE embassy in Ottawa and see how they can help you.. Now there is something called National ID that all residents of UAE must have it, and if you don't have that card they will not allow you to issue police clearance certificate.. check with the embassy and hopefully they will be able to help you


    125 Boteler St.
    Ottawa, ON
    K1N 0A4
    Tel: + 613 565 7272
    Fax: + 613 565 8007
    Web: www.uae-embassy.ae/ca
  3. my husband and I got our Dubai Police certificate by applying online. check their site and all details are there. once you fill up the form they will give you a reference number. they call it CERTIFICATE OF GOOD CONDUCT APPLICATION FORM. as far as i remember this are the follow requirements:

    1. Application Forms (Criminal Antecedents Clearance Certificate) signed and dated. this is coming from UAE embassy Manila
    2. Records of complete fingerprints, taken by the NBI, and duly attested by the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the UAE Embassy in Manila.
    3. Bank Drafts, favoring Dubai Police General HQ, towards the Good Conduct Certificate
    5. Printed Online application with reference number
    6. Photocopy of old passport with UAE residence visa page. (marked for easy reference)
    7. 2 colored photos (2x2) (with full name at the back of the photos)
    8. Photocopy of passport
    9. Photocopy of Clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Philippines.


    First your husband need to secure a fingerprint card in NBI (Taft ave), then they will authenticate that card and send it to UAE embassy manila then send it back to your husband. that fingerprint card is one of the requirement that your husband need to send to the Dubai police head quarters.

    we are currently here in Manila. so what we did we fill up the online form then we send the requirements and payment thru DHL. processing took almost 3 weeks - 1 month. They will send back the police certificate via FED EX. hope this could help you. ;)
  4. to santos_1024

    Thank you so much for all the info. My husband got all the documents ( finger print, passpor copy, visa copy, photos) but I'm not sure if he has the application form " Criminal Antecendents clearance certificate"
    Is there any way that you can help or assist my husband personally since your still in manila.
  6. Hi Maeliza, Just send all the requirements to UAE embassy (fingerprint card, passport copy, visa copy, etc) via DHL. tell your husband to go to any nearest DHL branch. they know the procedure. after the UAE embassy authentication and attestation they will send all your documents back to your husband...attested already and they will send also an application form of "CRIMINAL ANTECEDENT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE" just fill it up. after that ...that's it! send it to DUBAI POLICE HEADQUARTERS. for us we send all our documents via DHL again. Thanks! God bless
  7. to santos_1024

    Hi! On your own personal experience, you process your police clearance thru online did you received it already? I hope you don't mind me asking. I just want to assure that everything will go well and accurate before we go thru online processing.
    Hoping for your kind consideration.

    Best regards,
  8. Hi maeliza! on my own personal experience its better if you fill up application form thru online also. because they will give you a reference number. after filling it up. it will show your completed online form then print that form. while doing also your criminal antecedent form given UAE embassy here in manila. send all requirements in UAE police headquarters. it will be easier for them cause you have online form with reference number. . i received our police certificate after 3 weeks i think. they send it back to me via fed ex. God bless!
  9. Another option is to go DFA ( Manila )- OUMWA ( Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs). They process police clearances from different countries of former OFW ..We actually got our police clearance from there..Just bring the passport with stamped visa.
  10. It is easy! Apply through dubai police website online! Upload your old visa and exit stamp and your photo as attachments! Pay the fee online! and wait for the certificate!
  11. Cannot get Police clearance in Dubai UAE shall it be grounds for denial

    Hi! to all!!!

    I'm Liza Ponte, a Filipino national, working as OFW here in Taiwan, I submitted my application package in Canadian Consulate in Hongkong last October 26 with lacking documents of my police clearance in Dubai UAE since I work in Dubai from March 2005-June 3, 2006. Due to sudden death of my father I go home last June 3, 2006 and I did not comeback to Dubai and my residence visa in my passport was not cancelled. Last March 2011 I send my application in getting police clearance in Dubai through my friend who did in my behalf. After he got the Receipt Voucher # 346937 and when He call to follow up as only after 3 days it will release He come to know and inform me that my clearance would not be possible to release as I have a record in Dubai Immigration in which I am thinking of my unfinish contract to my sponsor. I call up right away my sponsor and ask him if he cancelled my residence visa and he reply me "my residence visa was already cancelled". I tell my friend about it and still my police clearance cannot be release. So, I find another solution, I let somebody to check my status in Dubai Immigration and come to know my sponsor file me a case in which its a false absconding case as I was outside UAE and beside the time I go hom they know the situation even I call them when I did not comeback. Now, I'm begging my sponsor to drop the report to clear my name but all my calls, emails, sms was ignored. Now, last November 29, I receive another letter from Canadian Consulate in Hongkong requesting me to provide an original copy of my police clearance in Dubai UAE stating I have No Criminal Conviction which is my problem as they just give me 30 days to comply and after that when I cannot provide my applicaton will be closed. Do anyone have same case to me that the Visa officer honor only the explanation letter why I cannot get the Police Clearance in Dubai UAE despite of all my hardship in getting a clearance but I failed. Does the report of my sponsor in Dubai Immigration considered as a crime even i dont have any criminal record in Dubai. Any idea will be appreciated as I am suffering very long suffering depression in my situation. pls fell free to email me in my email id:liza_ponte_2000@yahoo.com
  12. When you work abroad sometimes it is good to have acquainted to other nationality or the locals where you are staying...i'm not a typical Filipino who works abroad and be and always be in the circulation of fellow Filipinos...i look for friends of different nationalities because i know one day this foreign friend will help you somehow...someways...and it works for me in securing Police Clearance in Dubai...in Qatar...and in Saudi Arabia...since they are locals in their respective countries it is easy for them to get it for you...all what i did is sent them my authenticated fingerprints and photocopies of my passport via DHL...and presto!!!!!...they were able to get it from police head quarters and sent to me here in the Philippines via DHL free of charge...that's what you get when you have friends...
  13. Hi liza_ponte,

    Just want to know what happened to your applications now? I just send papers to Dubai Police Office for my police certificate hopefully they will give the certificate. What happened to me is almost same like your situation. Please give me info. Thanks!
  14. hello! just to share to you and about my application what I did is I just make an explanation letter from an advocate lawyer and I explain to him all complete details on the situation what happen then He make letter to me with official seal and sign by the attorney and then I submit it to the Canadian Consulate together with all the original paper attachment proofing all what I did are true and so that the visa officer who check will satisfied and finally all my hardwork together with the heartful prayer to God I finally succeed and got a visa. Thanks to my friend who is not a Filipino who help me in my application of getting police clearance in Dubai. He is a very good and nice friend and its really true once we have a friend who is a local national in the country they really helpful and they are willing to help us in times we ask them help.
  15. Thanks for your info!
    So where did you get a lawyer, is he from Dubai? You mean to say you did receive a police certificate from Dubai after you made the testimony with certification of a lawyer and you send it to Dubai with help of your local friend? Hopefully we'll get police clearance certificate from Dubai soon. Are you already in Canada?

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