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How to rent before you arrive?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by imatwkrp, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. I have been looking at ads on Kijiji for rental housing, and found some properties I like, but how do those of us who are outside Canada arrange rental? How to pay? Does this question make sense? Hope so! :)
  2. I would not advice you to rent before you see for the following reasons:

    1) it may look better on the photos than in person
    2) it may be in a bad neighbourhood
    3) it may be in a remote location with bad access to shopping and public transport
    4) the person taking your money may not be authorized to rent the it out
    5) it might not exist at all and you are looking at photos copied from the web
  3. Thanks for the warnings and suggestions. My husband and I can take a trip next week to Canada to look for a couple of days. But of course, we have to rent something once we look. So what I am wondering is how others have gone about the part where you actually sign the lease and pay the landlord. Is it possible to get a bank account while we're visiting next week?
  4. I don't completely agree with Leon's warnings. You can do lots of research in the internet in terms of bad/good neighbourhood, location and access to shopping and public transport, especially if it is in Vancouver or Toronto. Even if you met the "landlord" in person, it is difficult to know if the person or company taking your money is authorized to rent it out.

    Nevertheless, I have experience in renting an apartment in Canada before "landing" with no problem. The process was easy:
    1) Look up rental listing website, such as rentbc.com
    2) Contact the landlord and say you are interested in renting
    3) The landlord will ask you some questions about yourself and decide whether to accept the offer
    4) If landlord accept, they will send you a rental agreement for you to sign and return with your advance rental payment
    5) Upon arrival in Canada, you pick up the apartment key from the landlord

    Yes, you can open bank account while visiting in Canada.
  5. It is important to have some real information more then just what the websites are showing you.
    Places like rentseeker.ca and kijiji and other rental places all want to show something to sell and might hide some details,
    but at the same time, with the right questions and a few talks with the renters you can probably get a lot of the information you need.

    I am interested in knowing Steaky, how you find out about good/bad neighbourhood on the internet? I think that might require visiting...
    But as for shopping and transit, that you can find online, I know Toronto uses TTC, I don't know about Vancouver.

    but imatwkrp the question does make sense, and best of luck with your rental search!
  6. The internet is a world of knowledge. If you know how to google, for example, you can always find the bus/subway company of Vancouver is translink.
  7. When i first came here i have used Rentseeker.ca to find an apartments and i found them pretty easy to use. but i agree with Steaky the location is everything and you have to go down to place itself, speak to landlord and get a feel for yourself rather then just get the info only from the internet.

    Good luck though!! I know it could be very time consuming to find exactly what you looking for!
  8. Hi

    I have a question..... as a new immigrant how is it possible to rent a place? Given that we dont have a credit history in the country.....

    Any advice would be helpful

  9. For me it was good enough to give a foreign credit card number. I have heard that landlords will sometimes ask you for a higher advance payment which is actually against the law but if you are having problems finding a place, you could try to offer it.
  10. Thanks Leon for the reply

    We called one rental apartment in North York, and they said that any other country's credit doesnt work..... maybe we can try to offer higher deposit to the landlord.
  11. Hi,

    I know lot of people are having same problem. Once you landed in canada, when u go for bank account ask them i want Secure Visa credit card. Let say if u need 2000 dollar credit limimt pay 2000 as deposit and get the credit crd and use. That how i did at first time when i came to canada. After some time once you have established credit history they will return your deposit.

    If u need more info plz contact me @ livefaisal@hotmail.com
  12. TD offers 'unsecured' $500 C/Card to everyone... if u could convince the limit might be raised to $1000.
  13. What I did was to contact my countries consolate office in Canada and asked for references with respect to places to rent from. They provided a list and I contacted one or two of the renters who agreed that once I was able to show proof of funds to cover the rental cost that they were more than willing to rent me an apartment.

    wishing you all the best and good luck shinygirl

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