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how to get a birth certificate in pakistan

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by wxyz123, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. does nadra issue any birth certificate in pakistan?? if yes how?? i went to nadra office in islamabad but they told me i need to go to union council office, somebody please help??? thanks
  2. Google Nadra Pakistan and check on their website. as per my knowldge they dont issue these directly although their software is used by union councils and certificates have NADRA on it. so visit the union council of the area you were born in. they have registers so you will have to request them to check your birth`s registration as per your date of birth and parent`s names. oif registration is in the resigters there wont be any problem otherwise they will advice you what to do.
  3. i have the union council one i dont need nadra now
  4. can you please give me union councils address? i went there but they said its relocated.. and i still can't find it :( can you give me the number or something? plus did they reissue you BC? what if your original bc is from any other city and you live in islamabad? then what do u have to do?
  5. Original Process
    Go to respective union council in your city (in which u were born) , Tell Union council secretory that, u need Birth certificate ... If your birth was registered in union council then after checking there record, they will ask 500 Fee and give you Birth certificate with in couple of days.
    If your birth was not registered then they will give you a FORM, fill that form attach Your Father and Mother's NADRA issues CNIC copy. Applicant on that form should be your father, mother or any sibling other than you. then go to EDO health office, ask for his signature, then a lengthy process of signatures, after that submit that form and u will get your BC with in few days .......

    Short Cut
    Give union council secretory some money like 1000 to 1500, fillup the form, attach CNIC copies of your parrents and relax. union Council sec. will do rest of the process and give you the BC
  6. lol sector7 thanks:) there is one more problem. original birth certificate was issued from khariyan and i am in islamabad now. can they issue me a cerificate from islamabad if i give them money? :p
  7. MY Cousion needed his Computrized Birth Certificate & he went to the Union Counsil Nazim & thats how he

    got his back in 2007 & i don't know the current procudure.U might Contact Mr 10% & offer him some $$$

    & he will issue u as many as u want :D ;D
  8. Man u need to visit KHARIYAN :( .... if original BC was issued from there then its really easy, atleast your birth is registered in Union council. it means u just need to visit that UC, gove them some money they will issue NADRA issued BC ..... one more thing just for the info for all other members .....

    "NADRA issue birth certificate papers to UC office and those papers were identified uniquely through a BAR CODE .... UC sec. just check his record and then print your details on that paper. now its UC secretory headache to send your details to NADRA." so no need to panic, just visit UC and QUAID-E-AZAM will help you

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  10. I can see this is old topic, still I would like to post my reply if anyone else need same information.

    In Pakistan NADRA birth certificates can be obtained from Local Union Councils. Actually NADRA is not directly issuing these birth certificates and UCs are authorized to issue through NADRA installed systems. NADRA also issue a special paper to UCs for printing these NADRA birth certificates. After issuance of birth certificate UCs are responsible to update this data in main NADRA system within 10 days.

    If someone like they can check sample of NADRA birth certificate at following site (sorry link is not allowed)

    One more thing that officially, NADRA birth certificate can also be issued from your city of residence and it's not mandatory to visit birth city if it is not possible or difficult. Don't worry original District of birth will be used on NADRA birth certificate so there will no conflict in your documents like passport and birth certificate.

    Hope this information will help.

    AU Khan

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