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how do i send a personal message in this forum

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by vanwilder, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. can anyone tell me how do i send the personal message. somehow i dont see an option to send the personal message. please help
  2. Hi, on the top you will find option "INBOX".

    Click INBOX, and then on the left side , click "NEW MESSAGE" !!

    Thats all...


  3. thanx for your message but when i click inbox and click on new messages it says " an error has occured "
    you are not allowed to send personal message"

    or lets say if i want to send you a PM once i click your name I dont find a tab saying "send SATDBX a personal message"

    it pretty weird i log out and log in issue isnt fixed. i used to send personal message earlier but i forgot my old user name and password.
  4. Please report this problem to MODERATOR.

  5. I don't think you are allowed to send PMs until you have posted a certain amount of messages in the forum. Not sure how many.
  6. I am not allow to reply a message too. This post is my second one. I am going to test here how many post is required to be able to send messages.
  7. It is either 10 or 20 messages.. so first poster should not have any problems
  8. so how messages do you have to post
  9. When the OP asked that question, he did not have 20 messages..now 4 years later he obviously has. So he can PM.
  10. unable to PM.. need to post a reply first then may be one can send PM..
  11. see above, you need 20 postings or so before you can PM..You have 19 to go.. :D
  12. new members need the support most, they should be allowed to PM after couple of posts.
  13. That makes sense to me too +1. I'm trying to reply to a guy, who offered help with IM, but the system simply doesn't allow me to do so.
  14. The most support you get by posting your questions and earn your stripes.. 20 posts are fair.

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