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Help Required in my PR matter

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by muhammadarkhan, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    My name is Asim & m from Pakistan...
    my dad applied for Canada immigration in Jan 2006 but till yet the case is running under process, he applied in Federal Entrepreneur Class for Permanent Residence, my daddy applied for Edmonton, Alberta and 66 months elapsed and only once the Embassy contacted us for updates in May 2008..
    Please i need ur advice in this matter that still how much time it will take to complete the process...
  2. This is the timeline for the entrepreneur class by country: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm/entrepreneur-fed.asp

    If you were under 22 when he applied, you keep the status of a dependent child as long as you do not marry or enter into a common law relationship (age locked in). If you were over 22 and a full time student when he applied, you must continue to study full time (and not get married) if you want to keep your dependent status.
  3. Dear Leon,
    I am very much thankful for your kind interest towards my matter. But still need to know that about the processing priod that how much time i'll have to wait more...
    The link that you suggested to me about the time line doesn't show the processing period for Pakistan which is my requirement. It says that i have to consider the time line of London which is 54 months. But the questionary is still at its place that how much i have to wait more as 66 months has elapsed already.
    Kindly, help us in our matter.
  4. The timeline given is how long it takes for 80% of cases to get done. If yours has taken longer, it would be in the slower 20%. You can order your CAIPS notes to see what has been happening with your case.
  5. thanks for givin me keen advices my frnds....
    but still there are so many things i searched in CAIPS Notes and i found there are so many packages they r offering....
    which one i shud select for my prior in this matter....?
  6. @Muhammaddarkhan : Apply for CAIPS and it will show u the exact situation of ur application,well there can be one more reason that when u applied,at that time Pakistan visa post was processing application but since 2008 all the files transfered to LONDON so transfered files usualy take more time than normal ones,anyway best of luck and apply for CAIPS notes for exact situation of ur file !
  7. But as i have said CAIPS is Offerin so many packages...
    It depends upon requirements tht which offer is needy for ya...
    Shud i select normal CAIPS package or more thn normalize....?
  8. Thanks alot to all the Pals who showed some interest towards my queries...
    I've applied for CAIPS notes as per adviced but there is one more thing need to ask and that is my Daddy is planing to send me to Canada for education but my question is this does this effect on my PR...?
    As i've already mentioned that my case is also running under processing condition for PR as a dependent child with my daddy bcoz my age got lock in according to MR. Leon suggestion but if i applied for Student Visa does it make any prob over my PR matters...?
    Shud i apply for Student Visa or not as on other side my PR case is under process....?
  9. @Muhammaddarkhan : My friend if u apply for student visa for canada than u won't be considered as a dependent under ur dad,so it will for sure effect ur PR,though u will can the student visa without problems (if u fulfill their requirments) but it will effect ur PR for sure ! So think again n take such step.
  10. Dear pals,
    im truly thankful to all of ya that ya showed such keen interest in my PR matters...
    as per adviced i'ved applied for CAIPS notes & received them on 23rd of aug but i got surprised by the report which is telling me that my case has been transferred to CHC London, and so far i do not have any information whatsoever...what do ya suggest i shud do now as in the CAIPS notes thre's no clear time factor....
  11. Can anyone tell me about the contact info. for CHC London....any email address, Fax or Landline no#....?
  12. Hi

    Check their web site, it is all there. go to www.cic.gc.ca and look on the right side for CIC offices.
  13. im Asim and i belong to Pakistan....my dad applied for Canadian Immigration in 2006 January as an Entrepreneur in Federal Class and addressed to CHC, Islamabad, and we received their acceptance letter in the same month on 31st January 2006....after this in May 2008 we received a letter for updating the file from CHC Islamabad and so on same letter received in February 2012 but this time its from CHC London.....i wanna know how much more time this will take as so far almost 86 months elapsed in this trail....we are not using any Representative for this but can u tell me anything about my concern....?
    Thanks & Regards
  14. @muhammadarkhan : Brother i applied in Aug 2009 under FEDERAL INVESTOR CATEGORY and just in January 2013 i was requested for whole family medical checkup,its been 43 months and when i applied CIC use to say it will take around 18 to 20 months .........

    so according to my experience it will tak another 8 to 10 months for your father's immigration application to be finalised by HCC,London.

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