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Help Needed .. CEC primary applicant inland and spouse in Outland

Jan 25, 2019

I applied EE while I am in PGWP in Canada while my wife is in India. Me being the primary applicant and my wife as a dependent.

My CIC application status:
CEC (Inland - Ontario)
ITA: 25 April 2019
Upfront Medical: 07 May 2019
AOR: 10 June 2019

Yesterday (July-16th, 2019) I received a message in my online application account for a biometrics request letter addressed to my wife, and also now the application processing timeline has started showing up in the online application portal.
But, I have NOT received the biometrics request letter for myself! Is this normal? will the couples in the same application get the biometrics request at different times?
Will I be getting a separate biometric request letter? Should I be contacting CIC regarding this?

Any information/guidance with this regard will be appreciated!
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