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Help needed..Applying again after trv refusal

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Anant3, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. hi
    I have 3 previous refusals and planning to apply again. Previous refusals were in year 1999,2008 nd June 2018. Please help!! as this time I want to apply with this forum members advice
  2. @Bryanna ,@scylla anyone could you help me out here in arranging documents? And also want are my chances of getting visa this time?
    In June 2018 I applied with my wife nd kid, we all got refusal letters mentioning other reasons as the refusal reason..
    Me nd my wife are farmers. Paying ITR from last 5 years.visited Australia in 2015 for 40 days ,UK,Switzerland,Germany,France in 2018 for 20 days
  3. 1. What is the purpose of your visit and how long do you want to visit?

    2. Do you have a Canadian host?

    3. What ties can you demonstrate to your home country: Do you own property? Agricultural land? Good financial situation? Dependent family members?

    4. List of documents
  4. have n't started preparing documents yet.
    advise me about documents will collect accordingly
    one more thing previously I applied with wife nd son..as we went to Aus together. after Canada refusal all of us went to uk nd Europe for tourism purpose...should I exclude my son this time? for showing ties to home country. I don't have any close relative in Canada my sisters ,parents, wife's parents everyone live in india.I live with my parents my parents have valid Canada trv.
    Please suggest documents
  5. @Anant3 as @Bryanna said you have to post here list of documents you attached in previous visas so anybody can advice or help you
  6. Ok sorry I misunderstood
  7. Previous application documents.
    1. Passport with travel history-visited australia with family in 2015 for 40 days,,again visited Australia solo in 2018 for 12 days.
    2. Valid australia Nd uk visa photocopies.. had uk visa but didn’t visited as in covering letter I mentioned that we will visit London while returning from canada.
    3.ITR for 3 years for me and my wife.
    4. CA report for total immovable property around 10 cr rs
    5. Bank statements,flexi fds total 145k cad.
    6. Jforms of last 1 year.
    7. Agri land fards.
    8. Property valuation for agri land.
    9. Invitation letter from paternal cousin,his income tax certificate, His passport copy,his mother’s passport copy nd my father’s passport copy as proof of relationship. My late grandmother’s adhaar card for proof as relationship.
    10. Letter from my son’s school stating that he is studying there nd they have no objection if he travel to canada during summer holidays.
    11. And all Trv forms
  8. The refusals will definitely be considered every time you submit a new application.
    Have you ever over stayed or been denied visa/entry in to any other country?
  9. No never
  10. Only have canada refusals
    First in 1999 when I ws quite young applied with some other students from our school. purpose was some cultural trip..however my case was genuine at that time,organiser added 2-3 other people(who were not part of the group) to our group that’s why during interviews embassy refused all of us.
    In 2007 applied for exploratory trip after getting invite for business investment..that time also refused
    In 2008 applied under federal investor class waited for 6 years for processing Nd finally that stream got cancelled.
    In 2018 applied for visitor visa and again refused
    Don’t know if me nd my family Ever be able to visit canada
  11. @Bryanna
  12. Based on your visa application history, you have applied twice for PR or at least stated your intention to immigrate. This probably explains why you have been refused recently too
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  13. Something's not adding up. What was the refusal reason provided on your refusal letter? Post a copy here maybe after removing your personal info.
  14. Only other reason’s column was ticked
    I even applied for gcms notes there also they stated only other reason
  15. Then what should I do now to obtain TRV

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