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H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

Fréijoer Léiw

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Nov 2, 2020
There are no target for H&C approval. It is based on the cases. There could be a large number of approvals or a large number of denials one year. There has clearly been a new system implemented to process H&C applications faster. The shorter the time in Canada, the less time to establish yourself which is likely one of the reasons for some denials for cases from 2020. When timelines were 2-3 years there was more time to get established, have children, etc. H&C is not purely based on hardship. You can be denied H&C if you come from a 3rd world country. It is a more complex evaluation. The officers are not mean they are following the requirements of their job. H&C is not meant to be a pathway to secure PR for anyone who has failed to secure PR via other means. If that was the case anyone could arrive on a tourist visa and apply for H&C if they wanted to secure PR.
Okay dear @canuck78 ! maybe its not a target but according to the website they want to approve for this year between 5000/6000 applications but yes maybe it will be more or maybe less .
for establishment, trust me i saw many cases lived in canada for 7 , 8 , 11 years ! and they got rejection i was chocked !
but many others lived in the country for 1 , 2 or 3 years and they got PR !
if someone hold a visitor visa doesn't mean that this person came from El dorado he can have more humanitarian factors than someone who applied for assylum for exemple.
if an applicant came from a third world nation it will help him more than someone from a developped country.
Yes of course time spent in canada will really help but its not an essential factor at all.