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GTA Flagpole Service and my Experience @ Thousand Island

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by jojee2k6, Nov 27, 2019.

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    Hello Guys, finally did flagpole at Lansdowne (Thousand Island Bridge), wonderful experience, smooth. We departed from Toronto around 9am, and reached around 12:30pm (around 3 hours drive from Toronto - 1000 island), directly drove through American border, where they told us to park car in the parking area, it took around 20-30 min there, they took fingerprints, photo and gave us administrative refusal paper, and on return they showed us U-Turn to CBSA border, where another nice guy gave us yellow paper and asked us to park the car in the parking area of CBSA, we went inside the building and merely took 5 minutes to become the PR. It was amazing experience and worth it. I won't recommend either bridge at Niagara Falls, as they have restrictions of days/times, moreover crowded queues, and staff is rude, save ur self-respect and travel a bit far to be treated with respect and within no time get all done. I know ppl who had worst experiences at Niagara Falls now a days.
    Thousand Island border is 24/7 open and there's no specific time restriction on that bridge for flagpole, neither on Sarnia or Windsor -- I am sure about it and there's no traffic rush.
    A wonderful guy named 'Sohaib' helped us in all this process, he took us to the drive for flagpole and we paid reasonable charges for the whole trip. He does this kind of services for flagpole within GTA area end-to-end service, i.e. pick and drop from your home to the border, and can drive to either Sarnia, Windsor or Thousand Island for flagpole under very reasonable charges. I would strongly suggest to all who seeks for the appointment at IRCC office, forget about it and just contact this guy and save your time, money and efforts and get it all done in few hours. He is very nice and humble person. I am very much pleased to have his services, and happy that I made this flagpole decision, and enjoyed a family trip with him along my spouse, the infant and 6yo child. Enjoy the scenic landscape beauty en route and take pictures at return route celebration.
    If you are a single person, can arrange shared drive with him by making an arrangement with other interested people, you all go together and can divide the cost mutually. :)
    His name is 'Sohaib' and his contact number is : (+1) 306 850 5724. Contact him and voila!
    Good Luck every one!

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