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getting admission in canadian university

Discussion in 'Education' started by muhammad awais, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. i hav done bachelors in electrical engineering from pakistan (uet lahore), i want to do masters in electrical engineering from any university in canada, am i late ??????for winter intake of 2011???????
  2. Check the University's web site.
  3. I think you are late for Jan intake. Most universities also have MAY intake. Start sending applications now for it.

    You have got to apply for your study permit two months in advance, highly recommended. Most universities take alteast 3 weeks in order to make their decision on your admission file and one more week is added in recieving your offer letter at home.

    Simon Fraser University, University of Regina, these are tri-semester universities. There are others but you have got to explore them.
  4. Humber is still taking admission. Most of universities have closed !
  5. He will be late for his study permit, though. You have got to apply two months in advance.

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