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Genuineness of Midas Inc

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by sinistercancer, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Midas Inc says they conduct full video conferencing interviews.
    Offers obtained through them ought to be genuine.

    Your take on this?
  2. It might be an idea to provide more information about the company .... be a bit more specific
  3. I have following experience with them :

    1. They posted a job on naukri and monstertindia, advertising openings in Canada, with one of their clients.
    2. I applied, and they asked me to send them my documents, so they could analyze my profile.
    3. They told me that their canadian counterpart had given a positive response, and that they would like take up my case.
    4. They told me that since it was hard to get a job without a PR visa, and vice versa, they would get my interviews conducted over video conferencing, and when I have a job offer, only then they would process my visa.

    That's the good part. Now the shady part.

    5. They told me that they would need INR 275,000 ($5500) before the Job offer, and USD $5500 after reaching Canada and joining.

    6. They did not advertise their exact office address. Once my documents scanned copies were with them, they gave me their official address.

    7. When I told them I would visit them, they told me to visit after appointment, at a particular time (12 o clock, Saturday)

    8. I reached their office at designated time, found no signboard by the name of Midas Inc, but rather, signboard for an attorney. I soon found Midas Inc signboard, on the right hand side of the building, but it appeared to be an advertisement, rather than indicating the office location.

    9. The gate appeared closed, but after careful examination, I managed to open it, and enter. I found it empty. I found only the girl with whom I had been in touch with.

    10. She told me that I had visited on saturday, and thus, the staff was on a leave. She told me that the director of the company never met anyone, and she was not authorized to tell his name, his contact number, his other businesses. He was a qualified lawyer, and would charge Rs. 5000 to meet in person, but the appointment would be fixed by him when he wanted, at his convenience, on a 15 day notice. The answer to every question regarding anything was : Once we receive Registration amount, and the rest of the installments, only then anything can be processed. The answer to everything is known only by the director, who, as stated, never met or talked to anyone.

    11. She told me the company was running for 10 years. But when I asked to see the documents, she showed me a proprietorship deed, dated October 2010. "It needs to be renewed every year" , she stated. I didn't buy it.

    12. She told me that she couldn't provide me with any references, of anyone they had sent to Canada, or anybody else. That everything could be provided by the director (I was beginning to wonder if he actually existed).

    13. After putting tremendous pressure on her, she gave me the phone number of the director, who never picked up the phone. And never called.

    Seems they don't want nosy clients like me. The director, the so called counscellor over there, never contacted me after that, nor answered my calls.
  4. Indeed, in my opinon, it definitely is a scam! :'(
  5. No doubt a scam .
    I guess they realised that your spooky questioning was just giving away their identity a lil too far - conmen !!!
  6. Behaviour is surely shady.

    When we don't need to fake documents to migrate, why bother with scams?
  7. it's all about the money...
  8. Is there anyone who has gone thru midas to canada n got a job ?
  9. No doubt it is 100% fraud.
    It is clear from mbaguyindia post and personal experience.
  10. Never give money to such Scamming scheme. :eek:
  11. It is unfortunate that there might be some people out there preying on others' ambitions and hard work. If you know someone who works for a newspaper,or writes a blog, maybe they could do a little research.

    Who knows, maybe they are legit. But it doesn't hurt to be too careful when you're entrusting your career, legal documents (certificates and passport), and hard-earned money into the hands of some stranger who is reluctant to even give their name, let alone their business card with the information.

    Good luck,
  12. For me as a Manager that has dealt with multiple recruitment agents this is a huge scam. Serious recruitment agents, at least in the US and Canada, charge the employer and not the employee period.

  13. Thanks a lot for the information.

    As per the details, the owner of MIDAS INC is

    S K Singh
    Address:pLOT 219, POCKET-B, SEC-19, DWARKA, DELHI, India
    Phone: +91 9582095906

    They have posted a number of jobs on times jobs website,

    I have reported this to timesjob website, their reply,
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for writing to us.
    All information is accepted in good faith and we cannot take any responsibility regarding the bonafide of the user. Also click on the 'Security Advice' link at the bottom of the home page of the website timesjobs dot com, for the guidelines to ensure the safety of our users.
    Best Wishes,
    Customer Support, TimesJobs

  14. It's a clear case of FRAUD; Don't believe these guys!!!!

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