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Neha Mubashar

Jun 5, 2021
Hi I want to know my study permit is refused 2 times so how many gcms notes should I order? I mean are there separate gcms notes for the first and second refusal.
and what is the cost of gcms notes.


VIP Member
Apr 5, 2020
Google “order GCMS notes” as there are many companies that do this. It will tell you the cost and how to order.


Hero Member
May 19, 2021
Will not recommend Canadawiz at all. I ordered notes from them on 24 May and they submitted it on 25 May, which is fine. Then after a few weeks I emailed them and no reply till 4 days, i emailed them again asking for an update, as people had left reviews on their website claiming to get notes in 18-23 days but man they told me off or what!! they said, stop sending us emails repeatedly and every time you do that, your original email goes down, WHAT RUBBISH! They gave me 25 June as the date to receive notes and today is the day which i waited for every passing minute, so lets see.

I had to vent!