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Aug 9, 2021
Pasting all recommendations in this letter:

The CBA Section is pleased that IRCC has implemented changes to facilitate the transition to permanent residence for workers and students in Canada. Our suggestions for improving the Program are summarized below. Please let us know if you have any question or require additional information.
1. Release application package with a reasonable amount of time in advance of the program opening, to provide applicants with an equal opportunity to apply.
2. Provide clear and consistent application instructions through one medium.
3. Allow lawyers retained by the applicant to submit an application and receive all correspondence directly from IRCC with respect to the application, via the PR Representative Portal.
4. Conduct a preliminary review before passing the matter to a secondary review officer. Consider how AI might be used to conduct routine parts of completeness checks.
5. Allow applicants a specified and reasonable period of time to respond to requests for additional information or documents.
6. Add new spaces for the number of rejected applications.
7. Make bridging work permits available to all Program applicants who pass the initial review for application completeness.
8. Accept follow-up submission of documents, via the PR Representative Portal, where not all documents could be uploaded initially. 7
9. Upgrade IRCC payment portal to withstand high demand and/or encourage applicants to generate payment receipts beforehand due to system limitations.
10. Issue a file number promptly so that the applicant can cross-reference to their application when trying to add documents
11. Recognize the importance of concurrent processing of all family members, including overseas family members. Every applicant should have the option to process all dependent family members at once.
12. Permit applications for more types of self-employed people who can verify their work experience.


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Apr 17, 2019
I don’t see it happening that easily. TR to PR was a temporary fix to meet quota, because Outland couldn’t enter and there wasn’t enough CEC to meet demand. Now that all categories can enter, they would need to resume the distribution stated. Implementing this policy would require taking from somewhere, and the category that loses out will attack the policy(US Indians know that zero sum policies are difficult to pass). Unless they decide to pass another temporary fix, claiming it’s to recapture the PR lost in 2020.
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Jun 15, 2021
That was just saying some recommendations for TR PR process like releasing information earlier, having clearer instructions. I don't see anywhere saying that they are recommending IRCC to open another TR PR pathway next year.
Exactly. It's just a constructive feedback on TR to PR as mentioned in the start of the letter.


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Sep 21, 2015
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
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Doc's Request.
AOR Received.
Med's Done....
Passport Req..
I'd really appreciate your input on this!

The transcripts were delivered by courier to IQAS 3 weeks ago by my uni, and the payment and online application were submitted before that, but there's no update from IQAS even though I contacted them twice, got some generic reply.
Is this okay? They haven't even picked up the application to assess and I'm worried it's lost! The 14 weeks starts after they acknowledge the docs but 3 weeks have gone by and there's no confirmation at all

Thank you!
You should contact your university and ask how the documents were shipped. If they were sent by ordinary mail, it can take 2-6 weeks in some cases depending on which country they were sent from.

If the documents were sent by expedited port, ask for the details and tracking.


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Apr 17, 2019
Holthe doing a breaking news to say FSW Outland is being processed and use a US applicant with VO in Canada and dependent in India as an example. The issue now is really that VOs outside Canada are playing minesweeper, so US applicants with Canada VO isn’t so breaking.