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Feb 16, 2019
Police certificates have 6 months validity guys, but security clearance is done when it is done by RCMP. There is no time limit after that.

Police certificates you provided affect the criminality check, not the security check.
Oh ok I had read that security wasn’t being done for most apps because it would expire. So was just wondering what happens to those whose security passed months or even a year ago.


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Jun 25, 2021
The docs published on legal falcon’s FB page clearly mention three categorizations based on how soon the docs are expiring. I think that’ll be the order of processing. Keep calm folks


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Jun 21, 2021
They will not get rid of it. They can make it easily impossible for any outlander to immigrate by pumping points for international students within Canada, and regularly open up tr to pr pathway. Don’t forget this year they have frozen FSW so far, it is the liberal party!
What are you talking about


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Jun 21, 2021
I am wondering why some people, again they are making a mess in this thread. We have discussed already in the last pages why FSW is not happening etc. People are posting shit again about FSW being deleted, liberal party will not consider high skilled people etc. etc. All of your arguments are irrational about these topics.
I will repeat one more time.

1. FSW is not happening because of the border restrictions.

2. Number of ITAs DOES NOT EQUAL to IRCC quota

3. Liberals will not cancel FSW - it is bs

4. PPRs will start being issued once the border restrictions will be lifted

5. I am sure that IRCC has a plan how to process the backlog. They were not sitting doing nothing. There are few articles sayung that their team was looking into creating a new process to help them with the process of the backlogs. In my opinion most of the SIMPLE applications that are old are already processed but the status is not reflecting the changes. There will be a lot of PPRs issued in the coming weeks

All of the points that I have mentioned can be easly explained by the documents and official articles that you can find online.

I am asking people to stop creating a mess and „reinventing the wheel again”. FSW will happen in this month.
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