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Jul 28, 2021
Man I'm thinking about how I'll be able to explain my long history without a relationship when I get back to dating.

- So why did you stay single for a long time?
- I was waiting for an ITA.
Well she'd probably go;

- The cutoff went down to 75 in 2021. How come you didn't get an ITA in 2021?
- I was FSW.
- Sorry I only date CEC.


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Jul 28, 2021
Isn’t the ban set to expire on Sept 21? I don’t think they would extend it further after the elections.
Yes the ban is out on Sept 21 but I'd say the purpose of that letter is to put pressure on JT before the elections (many Indian-Canadians live in Canada as citizens). I'm thinking the same about the recent Biden move which extended restrictions with Canada till Sept 21. Looks like some leaders aren't happy with what JT's been doing.
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Jun 23, 2021
one step at a time bud, he don't date when he has a an active ee profile @OneStepAtATime literally means it
Also there are couples trying not to get a divorce when their application is in progress. I know one from this forum hehe
Haha I just don't have the motivation to get into that scene at the moment. It's a lot of effort for a rate of success that's greatly suppressed by that special condition. I've just started a new role as well so my aim in the short term is just to survive, to not screw up too badly.


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Jan 13, 2020
Just received GCMS notes (2nd ordered, first on Feb 2021 and now July 2021).
They extended my medicals last month, were supposed to expire in a week from today, but last month they were extended for 11 months.
Based on some documents shared here, I guess I am now group A, were documents have 6+ months of validity.
Hope my application gets processed ASAP once restrictions are lifted, AOR is Sep 2020
Congrats! What is the status of your application? Has security started?