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Nov 9, 2022
Should I put in my EE profile my current skilled work experience to increase the changes of getting a NOI from a province? It’s not the NOC I’m claiming points for, it’s a totally different NOC and I started in this job in May this year.

The only reason I would put this job in my profile is to attract interest from the provinces but since it’s not 1 year experience yet I don’t know if it will make any difference in their interest in my profile.

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Jan 10, 2020
I don't know whether I am too pessimistic about recent draws. My gut feeling is it would be extremely difficult to get picked under 500 or 490 given the recent huge spikes of 500+ applicants. For those who are outside of Canada without any Canadian experiences (e.g. education or working), are there any other components to boost the score?
look in UK bro, heard its easy now

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Yes, it is a thing in all countries. When the plane lands slowly without any turbulence it is considered a soft landing. If there is turbulence then it is a hard landing. So yes. Please ask the pilot to land softly for your soft landing.

Hope the above info helps.

That post was 5 months old, mate.

You could have let it be. Instead, you had to show off your witty thought - didn't you?

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I like Canada so far. Just avoid the downtown area, and you have a clean and peaceful country to live.

I just signed a lease in Humber shores area.
How expensive was it, and how difficult was it to find the apartment given your lack of credit history in canada?


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Apr 19, 2022
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and Aus/NZ?
I have found none till now, having lived in NZ for two years and Aus for five! The immigration is simple, 95% Applications are online, you can update any information directly in application. All visas are paper and stamp free, even PR is just a piece of paper! Immigration at airports is automated. Phone plans are cheaper! I pay $40 with 50GB data, unlimited local calls/sms and 1000 mins to most countries! Fibre plans are around $60-70 for 100mbps. All government, medical and bank stuff can be done online or over the phone!


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Oct 12, 2021
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05 august
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Hello Folks, hope you're doing well,

I've got some questions about my PR processing,

I recently called IRCC to ask about my PR application (17 October) and the agent told me that my file processing is almost complete, all steps have been completed (passed), and I just have to wait for the final decision from Ottawa VO.

Now, I'm wondering why is it taking time to get the final decision if everything has passed and seems to be fine?

Have some of you experienced this situation before? What do you think about it?

Is there any kind of action I can take to accelerate this ?

Thank you for your time.

Have a wonderful day.