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Apr 12, 2021
Enjoy guys.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1673240852913517 ( this is a good group)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/185884140106 ( This is where you will encounter very minor toxicity)

Most of the toxicity comes from one guy. He is one boomer guy who call himself as Professor works in a community college constantly complains how unfair living in Vancouver is and how bad Canadian healthcare system is but still lived in Vancouver for over 35 years. I mean, we all know the reality of Canada but this guy keep reminding why we shouldn't move to Canada. Sometimes I feel that this boomer guy is @ImpatientKangaroo

Some of his views for y'all.

Hi hi @RSub I think we found DKab
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Nov 20, 2020
AOR Received.
Med's Done....
Hi Guys, I got remed request and adr ( schedule A and additional family information). Any idea if they ask for PCC after schedule A has been submitted or do you get pcc request with schedule A usually? Just trying to find out what to expect
..thanks in advance!


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Feb 26, 2020
Just got another ADR. Not even 24 hours since I submitted the last ADR.

First ADR was asking for POF, from 2019. I submitted my application in 2020 so that was weird,
and ITR, because my experience is in family business that too with cash salary. I wrote an LOE stating salary below income tax limit, so I dont have ITR.

Submitted Bank statement from opening date June 2019 to May 2022. Now the officer wants statements from December 2018 to October 2019.
I am sure they are trying to figure out if I was paid for this job or not, but I still don't understand because I have mentioned a million times my salary was paid cash in hand.

As @wonderbly suggested few weeks ago, I sent them everything I've got showing my work experience is genuine; whatsapp conversations, emails from booking.com, agoda.com, makemytrip.com, etc to my account, and other relevant emails and documents supporting my work experience. (NOC 6313, Accommodation Supervisor ) through a webform because files were around 18mb in total. I am guessing they have not been linked to my account yet and officer hasnt reviewed anything except the POF and LOE for no ITR i sent via mycic account.

Sent payslips also in feb. Currently preparing a salary certificate, gonna get it notarized and stuff.

Any thoughts people?