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Format for Statutory declaration for No Licence - PEBC document Evaluation

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by shawn18, Jul 6, 2018.

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    I'm extremely sorry guys. I missed all your requests. I was caught up in my PR application wait and forgot to visit this thread.

    Sent No-Licence statement format to all those who requested until now. I will be active on this thread from here on.
  2. Can i also get the same
  3. Sent to message
  4. Hi.
    can you please share with me the format.
    searching for it from long but not able to find it.
    thanks in advance.
  5. Shared it via Message.
  6. Hi can anyone please help me by sending the format for "No LicenceStatement". As I do not hold any pharmacist license anywhere in the world and I have to submit it to PEBC and right now am in India do I have to do the notary from India ? Thank you guys in advance for helping me I really appreciate it .
  7. hello Shawn can you please send me the format too i am not even licenced as pharmacist anywhere in the world can you please me my mail I’d is shamafareen@gmail.com thank you so much
  8. Hi Shama, please check your private message for format.
  9. Hi Shawn,

    Can you please send me "No licence statement format" for giving statutory declaration to PEBC.. and right now I am in Canada on student visa so does I need to prepare this statement under notary public in Canada?
  10. My mail I'D is nemishmpharm@gmail.com to send the format.
  11. Sent it to your Private Message. Yes, you need to get it notarized by a public notary.
  12. Would u plz send it to me too?

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