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Foreign Work Experience

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Jb29, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Hello,
    I am working in BC, holding an open work permit, from last 1 year as admin asst. and getting basic pay.

    I worked for more than 5 years full time as an Accountant in my home country.

    Both categories i.e. admin asst. 1241 and bookkeeper 1311 are NOC B.

    My question- Do I get points for foreign work experience for CEC application, if both NOC code are different? Please help. Thankyou
  2. Yes you can claim foreign work experience points but it has to be continuous for 1 year in the same NOC.
  3. What if the NOC is differrent??
  4. Foreign work experience must be skilled (A, B or O) and continuous but does not need to be in the same NOC.
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  5. However, Canadian experience doesn’t need to be continuous but must be skilled and must equal at least one year in total.
  6. that is 1560 hours in total.
  7. So if I was bookkeeper in my country and in canada i worked for 1560 hours as admin assistant, will it be okay for getting score for 5 yrs of bookkeeper foreign experience for CEC???
  8. There’s a different point attached to foreign work experience, there’s also a different point attached to Canadian experience. I will advise you aim towards having more than the required 1560 hours for Canadian experience,
  9. an extra week or two will suffice.
  10. Thanks for the reply.

    But I still did not get my Ans.

    Foreign work experience and Current 1 year Canadian Experience, Both NOC Code need to be same? Or I can still get points for foreign work experience if its different NOC but same same B category.

    Please help
  11. Both NOCs don’t need to be the same and you can also get points for your foreign work experience.

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