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For PINOYS: Spousal open work permit to canada.. Share tayo

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by hanis, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Share nyo mga experiences nyo.. Help natin isa't isa..
  2. hi!bgo lng po ako dto.... im glad me mag gnitong forum to help us ....processing npo ung spousal open work permit ko po, hopefully ma received npo nmin ng daughter ko etong first week ng may,3 months po ba tlga processing ng spousal open work permit?...thanks and God bless...
  3. Hi,

    I hope you get your spousal and of your daughters permits. When did you apply for it since I just applied for my wife's open and kids study permits.
  4. Hi! Finally may nahanap din ako na thread na recent about spousal work permit. Nag submit ako ng application ko last January 17, nagbigay sila ng AOR nung Feb 09 with medical instructions, I received another letter Feb 24 with a spouse/partner questionnaire then I submitted my answers and other additional documents March 7. It's been 3 months already since my application pero 2 months since my completion. Kinakabahan ako and at the same time naiinip. Ano na ba talaga ang processing time dito sa Pilipinas? :)

    Nice to know may mapag tatanungan na din ako.
  5. According dun sa mga timelines that i've seen, it took them 3 months to receive the visa kaya lang 2010 pa sila .pero siguro it's a case to case basis din. Ask ko lang to those who have undergone their medicals na, how long it took you to receive the MR? Yun MR ba is kasabay nun AOR? thru snail mail? ;)
  6. I received my AOR and MR sabay. It's not actually a request from them. Sabi lang dun it's just to expedite the process. The medical instructions doesn't mean daw na approved na. It's through courier. Magbabayad ng 175 Php yung magrereceive. Nagtataka nga ako bakit matagal na yung sakin. Siguro naman dumating yung papers ko nung March 7 diba? If hindi nila nareceive dapat diba inform nila ako kasi may deadline naman yun. Hay. Ang tagal na. I've resigned from work na din kasi so I'm waiting for my visa para makapag handa na.
  7. I know someone who sent their application November 17, 2010 and was given also the same questionnaire as mine... pero 2.5 months lang sila. 1 wk after giving the answers to the questionnaire na-issue na yung visa nya. That's why I'm worried. May mga kilala ba kayong na-deny sa spousal work permit? Sabi kasi nila kapag denied ka.. hindi daw matagal. Sana nga ganun kasi matagal na ako naghihintay. :(
  8. @ ailooney,

    did CEM informed you that they'll be sending your MR/AOR? or dumating na lang yun courier w/ those? maybe your visa is coming na anytime ...advance congrats... ;D ;D ;D
  9. Bigla nalang syang dumadating. :) Basta through courier sila nakikipag communicate. wait lang ng wait. :D
  10. hi sa lahat.. my application for permanent residence is almost complete and they are asking my passport to sent it to them. i am worried because i take my vacation and got married last january and i did not informed them until now. according to the letter they send it to me that i should not submit my pasport if i get merried since the last correspondence. if failure to declare additional dependents such as spouse prior to your becoming a permanent resident could result in the cancellation of PR. IS IT to late to advice or informe them about my status? what should i do.. :(
  11. @ailooney

    hello, same tayo ng situation...waiting din kmi ng OWP and study permit for my 2 kids. last Nov pa kmi nagpa medical pero nagkaprob sa medical ko kaya nadelay. CEM requested for further medical reports which were already forwarded to CEM last April 28. Pero until now wala pa rin and visa namin...malapit na ang school enrollment, and need to decide kung mag eenroll pa mga bata or hindi na.

    i really hope and pray na dumating na this week ang visa namin. goodluck din sayo, sana dumating na visa natin :)

  12. sorry ian... permanent residence ang topic mo. hindi namin kasi alam yan. SPousal Open work permit yung application namin.
  13. @ micaela

    Palagay naman yung timeline mo.. when ka nagsubmit, when ka nakatanggap ng AOR, etc. Eh ang tagal mo na palang nag apply tapos April ka lang nila sinabihan na may prob sa medical mo? ganun ba nangyari? Kasi yung kakilala ko NOvember nag apply tapos feb nagkaron na ng visa.. pero wala namang naging prob sa kanya.
  14. most of the time kasi we really don't know yun basis nun visa officer...for example yun the so called "lack of ties from the homeland", na more often nagiging ground for refusal...sana lang makita rin ng VO yun mas maraming positive factors rather than ibase lang nila dun sa isang not so positive factor...but so far naman puro nakarecieved naman ng visas nila yun mga nakita ko na SOWP applicants here in manila.I'm sure God will touch the hearts of those visa officers especially those handling applications for spousal visas, sana igrant na nila yun desires of our hearts to be with our spouses... ;) :D ;D
  15. I agree with you. It's difficult to judge a person's ties if all you get are documents. What do they need to convince them that we have enough ties? That we still live with our parents? our parents are already old? We have a stable job here? What more can they ask if we only want to be with our spouses? :D Oh well... i hope my visa comes soon. Is it normal for them to take this long? I'm on my 4th month! I was expecting a faster process because after all it's a spousal work permit.... *sigh* my hubby's work permit is until november nalang. And they say that LMO's are getting more difficult to get. Pray and pray....

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