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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by hardworker, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hello there!
    I was recently approved a work visa and was thinking about "flagpoling"
    (side note: why is it called "flagpoling" anyway? is it a legal term? can you go up to the border and say I want to do "flagpoling")

    I already read the forums about "flagpoling" and the information stated was mostly for people in the PR category
    I need to know = the requirements, the process, and all that jazz.. (in the worker visa category)

    I'm here on a visitor visa that will expire on Dec2011
    Applied at Seattle Aug2010 for a work visa and was granted Dec2010

    Thank you for your help!

    P.S. I would like to thank job_seeker and the other seniors for the infos! God bless you!
  2. Drive to the closest border (Canadian/US border) exit to the US (inform CBP officers that you are there to get your Work Permit; they will issue an administrative refusal and send you back to the Canadian border.

  3. Yes go to the Border and declare you want to 'flagpole'. As long as you are visa exempt, there will be no problem.
  4. Or a valid TRV, it would work.
  5. angelbrat and job_seeker thank you! already booked a flight to Vancouver, will go to the border and do a little sight seeing...
    God bless!
  6. What if your passport is not visa-exempt and you are not carrying the required US visa? What will happen to you?

  7. just tell them that you are going to "flagpole" the US knows about this they will issue you an administrative refusal (this is for records purpose only not jeopardize future travels to the US) then go back to Canada IMM office show the document and it flows form there...
  8. I shouldn't discourage but I had a horrible experience about 'flagpoling'.

    My friend and I went to Windsor-Detroit border in 2006 (while we were students) with Flagpoling intention carrying the letters for flagpoling issued by our university to have our co-op work permit. Well, it was my first time and his second. He was scolded for at least an hour for flagpoling for the second time and not applying for US Visa meanwhile. The whole waiting room remained pin-drop silent :-\

    The lady who was dealing with my friend was like seriously pissed and we coundn't say a word. One thing for sure is that the US Border Customs don't like flagpoling. We were allowed to enter; but after that applied for US Visa :D
  9. Good that they still allowed you in..
    When I was there I saw this lady get escorted to Canada by an officer with a shotgun!! OMG! Right?
    I don't know her case and don't know if she's Canadian or not but she never made it past the Canadian office.. scary.. and to think that was my first time. It was really nerve wracking!
  10. So were you able to get your WP from the border?
  11. chuckles....and gives a +1.........
  12. Thanks Angelbrat :) +1 for you too.

    Was really interested if the OP got his/her WP. I "flagpoled" before (did not know then that was the term); have a US visa but had no need for it because we never reached the US side. Traffic was terrible so we did a U-turn. CBSA did not ask for my "admistrative refusal" and I got my WP.

  13. yes I was.
    I went to the US office said I was going to get my WP in Canada - they completely understood, the officer asked for my passport didn't even look at my visa just my information page; issued me an administrative refusal then sent me on my way, he didn't bother escorting me back to Canada coz I was with my relatives and they're all Canadians and were very noisy in the office.. anyway, I went back and got a yellow paper from the gate officer went into the office waited in line for 40mins-1hr, there were 3 people before me and 2 families before them, so yeah.. it's a long wait..

    When it was my turn I gave my passport, my address and my contact number, the administrative refusal, the yellow paper and the document that came along with my passport - the officer was pretty cute - I just had to say that LOL ;D.. she asked me when I would start, if I paid for the work visa, and where I submitted my application she then let me wait for a few minutes and then she types my work permit, print it and gave it to me then she sent me on my way. Both of the embassies were really friendly :)

    Good luck to those who'll go flagpoling :D
  14. What nationality is your passport, and what kind of US visa did you have?
  15. What's your nationality and your passport, and what kind of US visa did you have?

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