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Mouna J

Mar 30, 2016
Hi Dears,

Hope you are doing well;

I'm from Morocco and currently living in Qatar, working as Executive Secretary, i can speak 3 languages (Arabic, French & English), holding a University degree in French Litteratures; i have been thinking to move to Canada since 2011 and still hesitating because i do not want to move without secured Job since i have a family to support.
If you can assist me with some agencies, Public or Private Sector which i can apporach and apply for a job, please do not hesistate to send me the details.

Thank you,


Full Member
Mar 22, 2019
Hi all,

I am a new immigrant to Canada. I was working as Scrum Master back in India but I couldn't get a job in software as i dont have canadian experience.

I am looking for any entry level jobs. Kindly help me in this regard. I got few calls for teller jobs but i couldn't get through interview. Kindly guide me as i am struggling to find a job.


Hero Member
May 3, 2018
Hello everyone I just got my pr coming to Toronto next mth I have a question I heard tht Uber change there requirement for driving with Uber new they required at least 3 year old license for this job is tht true ??


VIP Member
Mar 22, 2016
Hello everyone I just got my pr coming to Toronto next mth I have a question I heard tht Uber change there requirement for driving with Uber new they required at least 3 year old license for this job is tht true ??

You also as I understand need a PTC licence and a G licence




Feb 21, 2020
Hi, Can anyone who has done MBA in healthcare management (distance course of 1 year) can get job in Canada ??

Tifuh Nicline

Mar 4, 2020
Hi please I'm looking for a job as a live in house helper in Canada. I have 2yrs experience as a house maid with Lebanese family in Lebanon. I'm 26yrs Cameroonian by nationality . I can only afford for flight ticket. My WhatsApp contact +237671427205. If anyone can be of help. Thanks
Apr 1, 2019
Hi, I need your advice please, I can't travel to Canada to get a job offer to apply through the AIPP, so do you know any other way or agency that brings those services.? My email is seper7304@gmail.com. I appreciate any information. Thank you all.


Full Member
May 5, 2014
Sorry to say this- but Most of the questions/approaches described are just so very wrong- it may work outside Canada. IT Does NOT work here! my friends.

I was also a newcomer- you need to come here, mix in, do the CDN way. Almost feels like writing a book!!

Now that i also help in recruiting, i cannot tell you how many i get these inbound msgs asking for a job!

Good Luck!!


May 12, 2020
I am newbie here. Thank you so much for allowing me to part of it..i wish i can apply work for canada.godbless


May 3, 2019
Hello Everybody.
I hope you All are fine dealing with these unprecedented times.

I need your help.
I'm an IT Specialist with 20 years of experience. I came to Montreal one year ago on Skilled Workers Visa and LMIA. The company I worked for released me after a couple of months. The reason was it was a Consulting company sending me to a Client (a Bank) that they lost because the paperworks lasted about 4 months.

Now I'm looking for a job for long months, I went through some recruiting process, I was receiving calls every week from companies that were very interested in my experience but when I tell them I need a new LMIA they say ''have a good day''. In most of the cases companies don't want/know how to process LMIA.
It's being a nightmare. And Covid-19 only makes things worst, of course.

My questions are:
-What is the best path for me to follow in this situation?.

I'm preparing IELTS to be able for PR Application. I was told I can apply even when I don't have one year working in Canada.
- Is that correct?.

Many thanks to All in advance.
I will appreciate a lot any help.

Best Regards.